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After 8 Years Of Hard Work, India’s ‘Mangalyaan’ Runs Out Of Fuel: Report

The ₹ 450 crore Mars Orbiter Mission was launched onboard PSLV-C25 on November five, 2013, and the MOM spacecraft was successfully inserted

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ISRO / The first glimpse of the humanoid Vyomitra being sent into space before the Gaganyaan mission, it will behave like humans

. The Indian Space Research Center (ISRO) on Wednesday released a video of the humanoid Vyomitra being sent to the unmanned space mission Gaganyaan. ISRO scientist Sam Dayal said that this humanoid will try to behave like a human and report back to us. We are doing this as an experiment. In 1984, Rakesh Sharma went to space in a Russian spacecraft. This time Indian astronauts will go into space by sitting in India’s spacecraft.

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