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How did twins with a bright future end up being homeless on the streets of New York? | The State

Laurie and Melissa Pittari grew up in a close-knit family in New Orleans, were talented students in high school, cellists in the city’s youth orchestra, and from there they worked their way to college.

Their parents enrolled them in music lessons. They learned cello, violin, guitar, and piano. And they dabbled in other arts: Laurie painted and Melissa loved acting.

So, How are these identical twins currently in their 50s living on an Upper West Side street, adding to the growing list of homeless in NYC?

On a Broadway sidewalk near the corner of West 75th they sleep next to a ramshackle suitcase, blankets, plastic bags full of all kinds of objects. “They can’t help us: the state, the churches, the shelter groups,” Melissa told the New York Post about their homelessness. “We are not old men,” he claimed.

The sisters They have been in New York for almost 15 years. They took a long way to become homeless on the streets of Manhattan. Like many of the 60 thousand homeless of the city, the misadventure began with a mental illness. According to his older brother Bart, the twins they were diagnosed with schizophrenia more than 30 years ago.

Still, they did earn academic and artistic scholarships: Laurie for Loyola University in New Orleans, majoring in music therapy and cello major; Melissa for the University of New Orleans, pursuing music education and hospitality.

Not long after college began, her mother lost a 10-year battle with cancer. “I don’t think they could process our mother’s death,” Bart commented. “Then, they clung to a charismatic religious group and began to derail from there. “

Melissa managed to graduate from college; Laurie couldn’t complete her last requirement: an internship at a psychiatric hospital. “He just retired,” the older brother lamented.

In 2003 his father died of heart problems. Then the twins were left alone in the house where she had grown up. They began to accumulate things and cats, as ‘hoarders’, ”said Bart. Then in 2005 the Hurricane Katrina devastated the city.

Like thousands of other residents, Melissa and Laurie ended up emigrating. In your case, to Denver. A year or two later, they told Bart that God “had called them to New York” so Melissa could pursue acting.

Melissa gives a different reason: “You need a car in Colorado. Here you can move by Metro or bus ”.

Shortly after arriving in Manhattan, Bart recalls, they were taken in by Goddard Riverside Community Center, a nonprofit organization that provides mental health and homeless services. Spokeswoman Trish Anderton declined to comment on the Pittari sisters’ case.

They ended up in different places: Laurie in an independent living program, Melissa in a convent that apparently took in evacuees from Katrina.

In her best days, Laurie played with the New York Chamber Orchestra and some other similar groups, according to Bart. “Laurie was making great progress,” he said. “Melissa was taking advantage.”

Finally, Melissa returned to the streets; Laurie followed her. They settled on Broadway and West 75th. There they sometimes watch YouTube videos on the cell phone given to them by a friend. Almost every day they post on Facebook, where they both maintain separate pages.

They keep in touch with their brother Bart until he tells them something they don’t want to hear. Still, “I can’t give them up,” he asserted. “But this will not end well if they stay on the path they are following ”.

His brother is convinced that they could have different lives if they did not always reject those who try to help them. “It hurts me that they are out there. They will accept help only as long as it is on their terms; then they say that no one is helping them (…) If there was something that I could do, I would do it, ”she laments.


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Samsung will gradually remove chargers and earbuds from future phones

Samsung’s future phones will also not come with charging bricks, the company has revealed, but it’s leaving itself some wiggle room. In a Q&A about why it’s no longer including headphones and a charging brick in the box, Samsung says it believes gradually removing the accessories from its phones could help make them more sustainable.

This answer implies that, while the next generations of its phones may not come with the included accessories, some may. Samsung has other lines that it brands as Galaxy, from its folding phones to its more budget options, and it’s left itself room to keep including a charger in some of them for a little while longer.

Maybe Samsung wants to keep the charger around in cheaper phones so people who aren’t tech enthusiasts will have a higher likelihood of buying them, or maybe it doesn’t want to upset the people who buy its $2,000 phones. It could do both, either, or neither, and it would still count as “gradually.”

The company doesn’t appear, however, to be following Apple’s route of pulling the plugs from its lineup of existing phones. The listings for the Note 20 Ultra and Note 10 still show a charger coming in the box.

The Note 20 Ultra looks to still include a charger.
Image: Samsung

While a company shipping older products with something that’s no longer included in its latest and greatest might seem odd, it means Samsung doesn’t have to re-make all the boxes for its old products, and that consumers won’t end up in the awkward situation where they watch an unboxing from a phone’s launch on YouTube and then have a decidedly different experience. Which approach is correct really depends what you’re optimizing for, but this seems to be the one Samsung has chosen: slow and steady wins the race.

You can read the full answer down below:

We discovered that more and more Galaxy users are reusing accessories they already have and making sustainable choices in their daily lives to promote better recycling habits. To support our Galaxy community in this journey, we are transitioning to removal of the charger plug and earphones in our latest line of Galaxy smartphones.

We believe that the gradual removal of charger plugs and earphones from our in-box device packaging can help address sustainable consumption issues and remove any pressure that consumers may feel towards continually receiving unnecessary charger accessories with new phones.

We’ve also been implementing standardized USB-C type charging ports since 2017, so older chargers can still be compatible with our newest Galaxy models.

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The “catastrophic” vision of the world of a woman who claims to have traveled to the year 3780 | The State

As seen in the movie “Terminator”, where Arnold Schwarzenegger is a robot who travels from the future to the present to avoid a machine war, a video went viral in the last hours with the testimony of a person who tells a similar situation.

Clara is a woman who claims that she traveled back in time to the year 3780 and came back to tell the spooky tale of a future that will be controlled by killer robots, who intend to end humanity.

The video, published 2 years ago on various digital platforms, went viral recently and managed to reach almost 15 million views on YouTube alone.

During her testimony, the woman refers to the world as “horrifying” and assures that it will be controlled by machines that kill people. “We are used to robots that make coffee, but in the future they will have superior intelligence,” he said.

Clara related that her mission was called Rat, because she traveled with other people and had to hide like that animal in the apocalyptic future. “The goal of our operation was to go to the year 3780 to get some details about the robots. The parts with artificial intelligence. While we thought that we would be able to demonstrate to the world that this type of raging machines could lead to the elimination of humans, “he said.


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New Suicide Threatens Future of Vessel at Hudson Yards, New York Tourist Attraction | The State

Vessel, Hudson Yards, NYC

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

A new suicide in less than a month was registered yesterday in the sculpture “Vessel” in Hudson Yards (NYC), a tourist lookout with free admission.

Already add three suicide jumps in less than a year in “Vessel”, the newest monument in the city, inaugurated in March 2019 and which was closed for several months due to the pandemic. That pattern could threaten the future of this Midtown West structure, or at least its openness to the public as it was conceived, without high barriers.

Yesterday a 21-year-old man died after jumping from there around 11:45 a.m., which led to the site being temporarily closed for a few hours.

All the suicides have been young people. The first case happened last February, when Peter DeSalvo, a 19-year-old former rugby star from New Jersey, leapt to his death from that sculpture, he recalled. New York Post.

Then, on December 22, Yocheved Gourarie (24). A young woman with studies in psychology and neuroscience, jumped into the void, after scheduling a farewell letter on Instagram to be published a day later.

Sheena Gendy, a saleswoman at a food truck parked at Hudson Yards, told New York Post they should install some kind of protection on the gazebo. “They need to do something for the safety of the people,” he said.

“Vessel” It is an immense vessel-shaped installation with circular staircases and terraces, created by Thomas Heatherwick.

Opened in March 2019 at a cost of $ 25 billion, Hudson Yards is the largest private real estate development in American history.

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Dubai Culture and Dubai Future Foundation launch Emirati Futurism Award

The award aims to stimulate public imagination and create a new representation of what the future holds for the country.
Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Culture, in partnership with the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF), on Saturday launched the Emirati Futurism Award.

The nationwide competition, to be held under the patronage of Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairperson of the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority and Member of the Dubai Council, seeks to combine authentic Emirati culture with futuristic technologies to reimagine what the future of the UAE looks like. It invites designers, artists and creators to share their interpretation through imagining and co-creating a new future and increasing awareness of the UAE’s culture and heritage.

d, while reflecting its cultural values and traditions. The first-of-its-kind, the competition will contribute to encouraging the creation of fresh Emirati design styles and supporting a new generation of designers.

Hala Badri

Hala Badri, Director General of Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, said: “The award reaffirms our commitment to developing an infrastructure that stimulates cultural and creative sectors and fostering a sustainable cultural ecosystem that supports Dubai’s economic growth and strengthens the emirate’s position as a global centre for arts and culture, an incubator for creativity and a thriving hub for talent.”

She noted that the competition is in line with Dubai Culture’s updated strategic road map and the UAE Government’s vision to preserve local heritage, stimulate economic growth and develop a knowledge-based society.

Khalfan Belhoul

Khalfan Belhoul, CEO at Dubai Future Foundation, said that the award is in line with the joint efforts of both entities to realise the vision of the leadership who continue to stress the importance of having foresight, anticipating trends and opportunities and being prepared to respond to various changes across all sectors that impact people’s lives and contribute to enhancing their well-being.

“We will continue to work with our partners in the government and private sector to accelerate the adoption of technologies and digital transformation and create a positive shift in the UAE’s arts and culture sector, while preserving the distinctive features of the country’s values and heritage,” Belhoul said.

Competition details

The competition comprises seven categories including: architecture and urbanism; fashion and jewellery; product and industrial design; photography and graphic design; film and animation; music and performing arts; and fine arts.

The winner of each competition category will walk away with cash prizes. Additionally, the seven winners and seven runners-up will receive internship opportunities at various organisations. The competition also includes an Honourable Mention and People’s Choice Award.

The Award also offers participants the opportunity to get a work space and membership at AREA 2071, a unique and innovative ecosystem that nurtures and supports talents, creative minds, start-ups and entrepreneurs. Participants will also receive exhibition and retail opportunities at the iconic Museum of the Future.

The Emirati Futurism Award is open to all citizens and residents of the UAE.

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Psychic who predicts the future using ASPARAGUS claims 2021 will see TWO royal divorces

A psychic who uses asparagus to predict the future has claimed 2021 will see two royal divorces and an important announcement from the Queen in June.

Appearing on This Morning today, Jemima Packington, 65, from Bath, said Prince Harry will return to the UK for ‘his big showdown’ with the Royal Family in March, and will be told “no change”.

Dubbed ‘Mystic Veg’, Jemina – who correctly forecast ‘success’ for England’s World Cup winning cricket team in 2019 – reads the future by throwing a bunch of Vale of Evesham asparagus tips into the air and interpreting the way they land.

On the show, new Friday hosts Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary asked her to do a live reading to predict whether the Olympics will go ahead.

Appearing on This Morning today, Jemima Packington, 65, from Bath, explained how she uses asparagus to predict the future

After throwing the vegetables onto a flat surface, she deduced they will take place, but they will be ‘remote’ and on Zoom.

Jemima, who is the world’s only known ‘asparamancer’, also predicted that we will start to see an easing of lockdown and will feel ‘so much happier and brighter’ in June this year. 

Speaking about the royals, Jemima explained: ‘In June the Queen is going to make an announcement coinciding with her official birthday; we’ve also got to remember that William, Duke of Cambridge, his birthday is in June, so I think that is very significant.’

She added: ‘There’s going to be a couple of royal divorces,’ to which Dermot replied: ‘That’s quite a bombshell.’

Jemima, who is the world's only known 'asparamancer', also predicted that we will start to see an easing of lockdown and will feel 'so much happier and brighter' in June this year

Jemima, who is the world’s only known ‘asparamancer’, also predicted that we will start to see an easing of lockdown and will feel ‘so much happier and brighter’ in June this year

Jemima continued: ‘Harry’s going to come over for his big showdown with the Royal Family in March, and he’s going to be told “no change”.’

The psychic told how she knew she had ‘the gift’ from the age of seven, and her first prediction was ‘something precocious’. 

‘We were eating asparagus with our fingers, some fell on the floor, I came out with something, parents went quiet, turns out old Aunty did tea leaves and they thought, it’s skipped a generation,’ she explained.

Asked why asparagus does the trick as opposed to other vegetables, she revealed: ‘It’s Vale of Evesham, it is a sturdy, earthy vegetable, it seems to work, it’s a bit like casting rooms.’ 

During the segment Dermot asked whether Alison will find a boyfriend in 2021; but while she will have ‘many admirers’, Jemima forecast an arrival of a ‘four-legged’ companion.

After throwing the vegetables onto a flat surface, Jemima deduced the Olympics will take place, but they will be 'remote' on Zoom - much to the amusement of Dermot O'Leary and Alison Hammond

After throwing the vegetables onto a flat surface, Jemima deduced the Olympics will take place, but they will be ‘remote’ on Zoom – much to the amusement of Dermot O’Leary and Alison Hammond

‘I was actually thinking about getting a dog,’ Alison exclaimed. 

Jemima later added that Alison will have a new man in her life whose name begins with ‘H’ and will also see ‘lots of comings and goings’.

‘You’ll be kept busy and be prosperous,’ she concluded.

Viewers at home largely enjoyed the bizarre segment, with one branding it ‘the best thing on TV this year’.

Another remarked: ‘Great poker face with the asparagus lady @radioleary I could hardly tell you weren’t a true believer.’

Jemima has enjoyed mixed success with her asparamancy in the past; last year she claimed Donald Trump would win the US election, but he lost to Joe Biden

Jemima has enjoyed mixed success with her asparamancy in the past; last year she claimed Donald Trump would win the US election, but he lost to Joe Biden

Though others admitted they could hardly believe what they were watching, with one tweeting: ‘Throwing asparagus around to predict 2021? I need to find some more cupboards to empty.’ 

Jemima has enjoyed mixed success with her asparamancy in the past; last year she claimed Donald Trump would win the US election, but he lost to Joe Biden.

However, she did forecast that the ‘major UK political parties’ would see a ‘shake-up sooner than predicted’ following the arrival of Sir Keir Starmer as Labour leader. 

Viewers at home largely enjoyed the bizarre segment, with one branding it 'the best thing on TV this year'

Viewers at home largely enjoyed the bizarre segment, with one branding it ‘the best thing on TV this year’

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Norwich star Emiliano Buendia breaks silence on future amid Arsenal links

Norwich midfielder Emiliano Buendia has refused to move out a move to Arsenal this January after admitting he is desperate to play Premier League football again.

The Canaries star was strongly linked with a transfer in the summer after he was unable to save his side from relegation last season.

In the end nothing materialised, however, and he ended up staying to help his side to the top of the Championship table.

There are reports that the Gunners are lining up a bid for the player this month as they look to add further attacking flair to their side.

And in an interview with Argentinean station Radio Residencias Buendia opened up on his desire to play in England’s elite division once more.

Emiliano Buendia has impressed again for Norwich this season

“It is the best league in the world, it is the one that makes the difference at all levels,” he said. “Any team makes life difficult for anyone, it is very complicated.

“Their organisational level is perfect, the stadiums have a lot of history, the conditions for playing football are ideal, there are no excuses. And the players and the teams are the best.

“I aspire to the best and work every day to get back to it, either in my team or through a transfer. Returning to the Premier in the short term is a dream.”

It is not yet clear whether or not this will be with Norwich or Arsenal, but Buendia said for now his focus is fully on the Canaries.

He added: “It is true that there was a lot of talk in the summer, after relegation, about the possibility that both I and other teammates could leave the team to continue in the Premier League.

Could Buendia make a move to Arsenal?

“However, I always had my head with the club. I belong to Norwich, I have to do things well for my team. Tomorrow we will see, but I never had my head outside the objectives, to work so that my club does well.

“As this season unfolds, we are doing well and I am very happy to be here. We are in a good position, I am feeling important, I am scoring goals and making assists for my teammates.”

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Lampard ready to fight for Chelsea future as pressure mounts with Man City loss

Frank Lampard insists he is ready to fight for his job after another defeat piled even more pressure on him.

Lampard suffered a fourth defeat in six Premier League games as Manchester City put on a first half masterclass with goals from Kevin De Bruyne, Ilkay Gundogan and Phil Foden.

Chelsea boss Lampard admitted he expects the heat to be on his position but insists he must be given time and it is unrealistic to make the club title contenders despite their £200m summer spending spree.

Lampard said: “But we have to keep fighting and I am the first one that has to keep fighting.

Lampard is ready to do battle with his job on the line

“I’ll always feel heat and I felt heat when we were on a good run because I knew that round the corner there could be a negative.

“I will never speak for people on the board. I can’t do that. As much as I can’t answer the questions ago if I would get a new contract, as much as I can’t answer now about the difficult run of results. I can only speak as I see it, as the manager of the club.

“There is never going to be an upward trajectory that goes up and up. When we had an unbeaten run of 16 games, great but I still saw the flaws. I still tried to work on them now as I am trying to do now. Nothing can distract me from that.”

Chelsea were soundly beaten at home by City

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Lampard is one of the club’s greatest ever players but he admits that he knows from his time back then that it was always going to be difficult.

Lampard added: “I understand it, I played here for a long time and the minute you lose games in a short period of time, then everyone looks and asks questions.

“The expectations are different this year because everyone says: ‘you spent this amount of money’ when the reality is that a lot of the players who have come in are new, young and have been injured. It’s the first time I’ve been able to play [Hakim] Ziyech, [Timo] Werner and [Christian] Pulisic in the same team.

Guardiola was pleased with his side’s showing at Stamford Bridge

Is it time for Chelsea to part ways with Frank Lampard? Have your say in the comments.

“If we’re expecting the relationship between them three the same as De Bruyne, [Raheem] Sterling and Bernardo Silva or whoever then those expectations are not real. I am the one being real.

“I was real after Leeds saying we’re not title contenders, I’m real now saying this club has to take some pain to get to where we want to be takes pain. It means pain behind the scenes, pain on the pitch and we have to show character.”

City boss Pep Guardiola said: “We played really well. Unfortunately the last goal but the result at Stamford Bridge is fantastic. Today we were back like we were two or three seasons ago. An important win at Chelsea away.

“The Premier League is weird for everything [this season]. Everything is weird, just have to be focused during the games but otherwise relax. Hopefully in the Premier League in the last six, seven games we can be there fighting.”

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Indian Big Ticket winner to use funds to secure children’s future

Abdussalam NV, an Indian living in Muscat, has won the Dh20 million prize at the Big Ticket draw held in Abu Dhabi on January 3.
Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Abdussalam NV, an Indian living in Muscat, has won Dh20 million at the Big Ticket draw held in Abu Dhabi on January 3. His winning ticket 323601 was bought online on December 29.

Initially, the winner could not be located and Big Ticket officials reached out to the community for assistance. In a statement, the organisers said: “If you know Abdussalam N.V with the ticket number 323601, please inform him that he is Big Ticket’s newest millionaire and he is not aware that he has just won The Mighty 20 million jackpot. Please help us find our newest Big Ticket millionaire by reaching out to the Big Ticket help desk on 02 201 9244 or email [email protected]

Gulf News spoke to Abdussalam on Monday, January 4. Abdussalam, who runs his own business, said he was grateful for the win. “The organisers were trying a different international code and perhaps that is why they could not reach me,” said Abdussalam, who has been living in Oman for the past three years.

Spending plans

The father of two including a three month old baby said a good portion of the money will go into securing his children’s future. The Omani expat, who hails from Kozhikode district, said he will use the money wisely in current Covid times. “It is a big news and I want to save it for my future.”

On Sunday there were additional millionaires. It was a big day for two UAE residents — Saju Thomas, Indian, won Dh3 million while Ejaz Rafi Kiyani, Pakistani, walked away with Dh1 million.

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Dybala’s future ‘depends on contract offer’ amid Juventus transfer decision

Juventus will sell Paulo Dybala this summer if he opts against signing a new deal.

The Argentine and the Serie A champions are in the midst of contract negotiations but progress is not being made.

His current £6.2m-a-year deal runs out in 2022 and he rejected their latest offering which cast doubt over his future.

Juventus will table one more offer but do not want to involve themselves in lengthy discussions with the player.

A final contract will be tabled that will include a £1.9m pay rise which would make him the club’s second highest earner alongside Matthijs de Ligt.

If Dybala decides against signing that then they will let him leave Turin in the summer, reports Tuttosport.

Paulo Dybala could leave Juventus this summer

The player and his representatives are poised to meet with the Juventus hierarchy later this month.

Only in December did Pirlo reiterated the need to keep hold of Dybala who he claimed was “fundamental” to the Italian side.

He said when asked on his importance: “Absolutely. Champions like him are always fundamental in strong teams.

“I train all the players. Dybala is one of them. He behaviour is great.”

Dybala moved to Turin from Palermo in 2015 and has scored 97 times for the Bianconeri.

Andrea Pirlo called the Argentine a “champion”

He was an integral figure under Massimiliano Allegri but has not retained the same status under Maurizio Sarri and now Andrea Pirlo.

A move to Manchester United or Tottenham was once in the pipeline but discussions broke down.

United could reignite their interest if they do decide to sell Paul Pogba in the summer.

A swap deal involving the World Cup winner could suit all parties with Mino Raiola already touting Juventus as a possible destination for Pogba.

Reports claim that Dybala is seen by the Red Devils as a long-term attacking solution.