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New Suicide Threatens Future of Vessel at Hudson Yards, New York Tourist Attraction | The State

New suicide threatens future of Vessel at Hudson Yards, New York tourist attraction

Vessel, Hudson Yards, NYC

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A new suicide in less than a month was registered yesterday in the sculpture “Vessel” in Hudson Yards (NYC), a tourist lookout with free admission.

Already add three suicide jumps in less than a year in “Vessel”, the newest monument in the city, inaugurated in March 2019 and which was closed for several months due to the pandemic. That pattern could threaten the future of this Midtown West structure, or at least its openness to the public as it was conceived, without high barriers.

Yesterday a 21-year-old man died after jumping from there around 11:45 a.m., which led to the site being temporarily closed for a few hours.

All the suicides have been young people. The first case happened last February, when Peter DeSalvo, a 19-year-old former rugby star from New Jersey, leapt to his death from that sculpture, he recalled. New York Post.

Then, on December 22, Yocheved Gourarie (24). A young woman with studies in psychology and neuroscience, jumped into the void, after scheduling a farewell letter on Instagram to be published a day later.

Sheena Gendy, a saleswoman at a food truck parked at Hudson Yards, told New York Post they should install some kind of protection on the gazebo. “They need to do something for the safety of the people,” he said.

“Vessel” It is an immense vessel-shaped installation with circular staircases and terraces, created by Thomas Heatherwick.

Opened in March 2019 at a cost of $ 25 billion, Hudson Yards is the largest private real estate development in American history.

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