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Photographer Asks Elderly Sikh Man To Pose For Pics, His Reaction Makes Internet Emotional

The Sikh man’s pure and profound reaction to seeing his picture has made the internet emotional.

A heartwarming video of an elderly Sikh man’s reaction when a photographer asked to click his pictures has gone viral on social media. The Sikh man’s pure and profound reaction to seeing his picture has made the internet emotional and will surely warm your heart as well.

The video was shared by photographer Sutej Singh Pannu on his Instagram account. In the video, he approaches the elderly man at his grocery shop and asks for some candies and two packets of chips. He then later asks if he could photograph him at his shop. The man is a bit surprised at first, but he obliges to the request and poses for a few pics. Mr. Pannu then prints out a photo of the man on the spot and gives it to him as a gift, leaving the elderly man overwhelmed and full of gratitude.

“That is very kind of you. Thank you so much, wish you a long life,” the elderly man said.

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Mr Pannu wrote about self-awareness and spiritual awakening while sharing the video. In a long caption, he wrote, ”One of the most powerful aspects of spiritual awakening is the heightened sense of self-awareness that comes with it. Through self-reflection and introspection, individuals become more attuned to their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. They begin to recognize patterns and habits that no longer serve them and can work towards releasing them.

Self-awareness is a crucial component of personal growth and spiritual evolution. It allows individuals to take responsibility for their own lives and empowers them to make conscious choices based on their true desires and values. Spiritual awakening and self-awareness are powerful tools for personal growth and transformation. By embracing these processes, individuals can unlock their full potential and live a more fulfilling and purposeful life.”

The video has left internet users overwhelmed who said that they became quite emotional after watching the man’s pure reaction. Many also thanked the photographer for capturing a beautiful moment. 

One user said, ”The way he said ‘Meri?’ as though it was shocking to him that someone would show an interest in him. It seemed like he had tears in his eyes by the end of it and not only was he grateful for the photo but also for the short amount of time spent interacting. Spend time with your elders, listen to their experiences and stories carefully, and learn about the life they have lived. Because no course, degree, or school on earth can teach you the things that they will. Love, respect and cherish them. May Allah give Uncle ji a long, healthy and happy life where he can rest, pray and smile as much as he wants.”

Another commented, ”Im not crying. You are!!!” A third wrote, ”Did his eyes tear up? Because mine did.” A fourth said, ”The way he thanked and folded his hands.. Gratitude turns what we have into Enough.”

A fifth added, ”I literally had tears seeing how happy you made uncle. It was the much needed love and appreciation for him.. You are a beautiful soul in a human body.” Yet another wrote, ”Why do I always cry with every video of yours. You so capture the hearts of the fantastic people of Punjab.”

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