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Consumers Are Ready for eSIM Adoption: Amdocs Survey

A Survey of 2,500 consumers by Amdocs across the US, UK and Australia reveals a strong inclination for the flexibility, convenience, speed and sustainability offered by eSIM technology. Furthermore, the survey shows that consumers are keen to use eSIM and are excited about its benefits.

According to eSIM Consumer Pulse 2022 report, Amdocs observed that 81% of the consumers it surveyed were either in favour of or open to the concept of smartphones that only accepted eSIMs, while only 19% were opposed to it. However, only 15% of consumers do not want their mobile network operator (MNO) to sell eSIMs, compared to 58% who do.

As we continue moving closer to ubiquitous connectivity, this research illustrates the consumer’s enthusiasm for eSIM and its enhancements to the user experience and sustainability,” said Anthony Goonetilleke, group president of technology and head of strategy at Amdocs.

“We’re seeing eSIM adoption accelerate across the telecoms sector, and we expect this behaviour to continue as consumers, and communications service providers become increasingly aware of the benefits and possibilities unleashed by this exciting new technology.”

Findings of the Survey:

Findings indicate that Customers have low awareness of whether their device supports eSIM or not. However, customers have high expectations from eSIM – especially when it comes to switching vendors and enjoying cost savings. For example, 32% of the respondents were happy that they could switch providers fast and that the process was instant. In addition, 58% of the respondents said they need an eSIM and want their service provider to facilitate it.

What is eSIM?

An eSIM is an embedded, digital SIM that enables you to activate a cellular plan from a network provider without needing a physical SIM in the device.

Who offers eSIM in India?

Airtel, Jio and Vodafone Idea – offer eSIM to customers on cellular plans. BSNL also provides support for eSIM for IoT and M2M communication services.

An eSIM offers many benefits, and security is one among those. Are you using an eSIM, and how have you benefitted from it? Do let us know via comments.

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