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“I’ll Be Taking Legal Action”: Anand Mahindra On Quote Wrongly Attributed To Him

“Another completely fabricated quote falsely attributed to me,” wrote Anand Mahindra

Industrialist Anand Mahindra has once again called out a quote wrongly attributed to him. The Chairman of Mahindra Group took to Twitter this Sunday to share a screenshot of the quote in question, saying that it was “completely fabricated”. He also warned of legal action and used two memes to express his displeasure. 

“An average Indian man spends his days following women on social media, putting his hopes into sports teams and leaving his dreams in the hands of a politician that doesn’t care,” read the quote that was falsely attributed to Mr Mahindra, who is an active Twitter user with a following of over 8.5 million. 

The screenshot shared by Mr Mahindra shows that the quote was uploaded on an Instagram page called “start_upfounder”.

“As a colleague told me: ‘It looks like it’s hunting season on you with miscreants on the internet’,” Anand Mahindra, 66, said while sharing the quote. “Another completely fabricated quote falsely attributed to me. I’ll be taking legal action,” he continued. 

Mr Mahindra added that he would “post the 2 memes to the right, below, whenever I spot more fakes!” The first meme is a picture of the industrialist himself along with a caption: “I never said that”. The second is a still from Jolly LLB in which actor Arshad Warsi says “Kaun hain ye log? Kahan se aate hain (Who are these people? Where do they come from?”

His tweet has racked up nearly 10,000 ‘likes’ since being shared. In the comments section, followers offered other ways and suggestions of dealing with fake news:

Anand Mahindra had previously called out a fake quote in September, calling it the downside of social media fame. Only a day later, another industrialist took to Twitter to flag a wrongly-attributed quote. Ratan Tata, the Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons, took to Instagram to clarify that he had never advocated for “liquor sales through Aadhaar cards”, as the false quote suggested.

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