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With a string thong that is lost between her body, Alexa Dellanos shows off her rear as she heads to the pool

Myrka Dellanos’ daughter boasted in a TikTok video the statuesque figure that has made her famous on social media, posing in an exclusive resort in Puerto Rico

Alexa Dellanos once again delighted her fans, now with a video she posted on TikTok in which she appears walking towards the pool of an exclusive resort in Puerto Rico, wearing a floss thong with a cowhide print that allowed her to show off the maximum your rear.


The lifestyle influencer has answered several questions that her followers have asked her, and among other curious facts, she confessed that her famous miniature waist measures 23 inches, that she weighs 107 pounds and that Spanish is her first language.


Alexa Dellanos also commented that she is not affected by what haters say about her body : “No, because I love my body and I love the way I look 100%, so the opinion that someone else has of me when I already I feel beautiful, it will not affect me ”. Through her Instagram stories, the DJ also showed that she met with her famous mother, the host Myrka Dellanos , as they both published a photo in which they appear together, adorned with the message “I love you.”


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