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Not a lockdown, but a strict curfew, a warning from Tukaram Mundhe

“People will be notified 2-3 days before the lockdown. If there is a lockdown, you will not be able to get out,” Tukaram Mundhe warned people.

Nagpur: Municipal Commissioner Tukaram Mundhe today (July 22) held a press conference and informed about the Corona situation in Nagpur ( Tukaram Mundhe warns people). “Citizens do not follow the rules, hide their illnesses, so deaths have increased in Nagpur. But the situation is still under control in Nagpur. However, if today’s speed increases the number of corona patients, it will not take long for Nagpur to have more than 10,000 patients. Therefore, if the time comes, I will not only lockdown, I will also impose curfew, ”warned Tukaram Mundhe (Tukaram Mundhe warn people).

“If you want to do lockdown in Nagpur, it will take 14 to 15 days, along with curfew. People will be notified 2-3 days before the lockdown. If there is a lockdown, you will not be able to get out, ”said Tukaram Mundhe.

“Citizens do not follow the rules, so the number of corona patients has increased. In addition, death has increased. The reason behind death is that people do not give information about their illness. They hide. If you want to reduce the death rate, those who are sick should see a doctor and get diagnosed. However, citizens do not seem to be honestly following the rules. Citizens who are sick, who have fever, cough, difficulty in breathing, they need to check themselves “, appealed Tukaram Mundhe.

“Lockdown in lockdown is about our livelihood as well as our economy. This is the rule of relaxation. Citizens should follow these rules. Only five people are allowed in the shops. However, I saw for myself that there were ten people instead of five. The sidewalk was crowded. Auto rickshaws are not allowed, but they are still in vogue. Two to three people go on the same bike while only one person is allowed on the bike. The mask is not used. Two people are allowed in four-wheelers except the driver. But it seems that five to six people are traveling in four-wheelers, ”said Tukaram Mundhe.

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“If this continues, the number of corona patients will increase at a much faster rate than the number of corona patients now. In addition, mortality will increase. The situation will get out of hand. The current situation is under control. Before that we were reaching out to people. People were honestly reporting their health. Today, however, the situation is declining. That is why I am going on the road myself ”, said Tukaram Mundhe.

“I am interviewing patients wearing PPE kits. Why am I and my team doing this? Even senior officers tell me, do you need to do this? There are doctors, I am doing this to save this city. Every living thing is very important and precious. Life is given once. It should be put to good use. Therefore, efforts are being made to ensure that no lives are lost. But if these efforts are not supported by the citizens, no one will be able to help or save you. Everyone has to follow the rules to save themselves, their family and alternatively their community. Assuming that everyone in front has a corona, taking care and following the rules is the panacea, ”said Tukaram Mundhe.

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