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Ximena Duque already without COVID-19 thus celebrates | The State

The uncertainty that she lived in the hospital admitted with coronavirus is over, Ximena Duque She was born again and both she and the baby growing in her tummy are out of danger and they celebrate it together!

Back home, with negative result on your last COVID-19 test, and being able to hug her children and her husband again, Ximenita decided to return to her routines, and shared a very unique moment for all pregnant women.

Which? Pamper her tummy by putting creams or oils on it, and incidentally caressing herself and therefore making the baby feel her love.

“Pampering @ skyeadkins_3 with my favorite oil !!!! #babygirl #pregnant #love #skye “Xime wrote alongside this video.

Days before achieving this moment of happiness, Ximena shared an IGTV where she related step by step what happened to her, that it was her daughter Luna who infected her, what she lived when she thought she could die, and great advice for those who did not take care of themselves or think that the coronavirus is a joke.



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