They publish a photo of Adamari López with Alaïa but the driver’s cleavage was the one that caused commotion | The State

Adamari Lopez is one of the most beloved women on Hispanic television and for that reason the account of Instagram of the show Telemundo, A new day, live by posting photos that you know will melt fans of “Shorty”. Precisely, the last image that the program wanted to share caused a stir.

In the snapshot appears Adamari laughing like the little one Alaïa, who is in the arms of a member of the production. The complicity between mother and daughter captivated many, but it was the ‘Pechonalidad’ of the Puerto Rican who took all the compliments, since she wore a quite seductive neckline.

“So busty that Chiquis Rivera looks like”, “Where did Ada get so much material”, “Wow, what a beautiful short bust I love you”, “Both of you are beautiful but Adamari looks super hot showing” Y “Do not cover them, you have them beautiful”They were part of the compliments and even risque messages that the Puerto Rican received.

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