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Javier Ceriani, the host of ‘Chisme En Vivo’, dressed as a woman | The State

Javier Ceriani, the host of ‘Chisme En Vivo’, dressed as a woman

Javier Ceriani.

Fernando Leon. / Getty Images

The Argentine journalist Javier Ceriani with his partner Elisa beristain They are willing to do anything to please their followers and viewers. We already know that this pair has plenty of sense of humor and sometimes even black people have the same, but everything is to bring more gossip ‘Warm‘To all interested parties.

On this occasion, both drivers wore some pretty funny outfits. She disguised herself as Vicente Fernandez and he of a ‘Young lady’ shoulder-length dark hair, in a short blue dress and white knee-high boots. This is to make a parody of one of the most popular topics in the entertainment world of the moment: the video in which it appears “Don Chente” placing his hand very close to the bust of a fan who asked him to take a picture.

Obviously, the comments were not long in coming. The vast majority were in gratitude to Javier Y Elisa for making them have a pleasant time where good humor reigned in the midst of such hard times for many. There is no doubt that this pair brings it to them and they are not ashamed to do whatever it takes to present their side of the story in the most original way possible.

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