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It is true that we have all learned to take care of ourselves to avoid the contagion of the Covid. We follow the essential measures as are the constant washing of hands, the use of masks and keep the distance Social.

But, as MSN indicates, there are mistakes what we do or things we leave behind seated and to which we do not pay Attention, It could be dangerous since it is a possible source of contagion.

1. Thinking that you will not get it

It is true that you have to be cautious, but we must also consider the possibility that, at some point, we will be infected. That is why it is important to take all precautions necessary such as not going to very crowded nor do visits.

We have to remember that because of what new of this virus, our body has not developed the antibodies necessary for fight it, and hence dangerous that we might get infected.

2. Maintain close contact

We already know that one of the things we must do is stay far away physical form of other people, including our loved ones.

However, we know that this is difficult because the Contact, like a hug, is a form of expression of sweetie and of consolation.

3. Ignore the age

The most prone people are those older than 60 years, that’s why they are population of high risk. Additionally, having conditions cardiac, problems respiratory, such as asthma, or diabetes and cancer, involve a greater vulnerability in front of Covid-19.

Ignoring security measures can mean getting COVID-19. Source: Pixabay

4. Being in crowded places

The fact that we use the measurements of protection does not mean that we are at all protected. Therefore, even if you use gloves, masks and disinfectant soap, if you visit supermarkets, you travel in transport public or are you going to restaurants, you are exposing.

5. Touch things

The surfaces they can also be contaminated, so that touch them constantly, especially in places public, it can also be a error that leads us to get infected, unintentionally, from coronavirus.

6. A poor diet

What we eat says a lot about us. In fact, a diet unbalanced leaves our immune system helpless. It is necessary to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables, since they are rich in vitamins C, E, zinc and beta-carotene, among others.

7. Trust untrustworthy sources

Something that has abundant much during this contingency are the fake news. The social networks they have lent themselves to it. In addition, be aware of the news in a way constant It can generate anxiety and other health problems both physical and mental.

8. Meetings with few people

In many places it is prohibited get together. It is true that we need interactions with loved ones, but still in smaller meetings there may be risk from contagion.

9. Travel

If you think that going to another side you can seek refuge to protect yourself from Covid-19, what you may actually be doing is transport the virus and be a source risk to other people. In this sense, the recommendation will always be: Stay at home.

10. Ignore the symptoms

If you have symptom, for more mild whatever they are, do not assume that it is cold. In these cases, stay home, isolate yourself and contact a provider of Health.

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