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They accuse the son of Marha Figueroa of being an abuser

Martha Figueroa.

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A user of social networks accused Alejandro Vaca Figueroa, son of the presenter Martha Figueroa, Having abused her at a party when she was 17 years old.

The young woman, identified as @AnaFloreess on Twitter, exposed her case after the controversy that was formed by the comments that Figueroa and her partner, the host Andrea Legarreta, shared regarding the accusations of rape that the influencer Nath Campos made against the youtuber Rix.

On a morning talk show, Figueroa and Legarreta questioned Campos’ actions, who said she was sexually abused by Rix after he took her home, drunk, after they had been together at a party.

Of course, Martha Figueroa will react like this when her son is also an abuser. When I accused her son of doing what he did to me, this old woman threatened me and basically told me that it was my fault for going to a party with himWrote @AnaFloreess.

“I went out with Alejandro Vaca Figueroa and his friends to a party. Arriving they offered me a glass of alcohol; I drank it, and the next thing I remember is waking up outside the building, alone, lying in the street. A lady helped me call my parents ”.

The woman said she never knew what happened during the time she was unconscious; He indicated that the meeting took place in an empty apartment, owned by Vaca Figueroa, where the two and two other friends of him were.

“A few years ago I decided to have everything in detail here on Twitter, and I even uploaded screens (screenshots) of the conversation I had with one of this dude’s friends, where he accepted that ‘they had passed over’,” he added.

Mrs. Martha threatened me to erase everything. Anyway, it is no longer a subject that affects me or anything, I am only talking about it right now because it gave me a lot of feeling to see this video and listen to her talk like that ”.

The user indicated that the events occurred 10 years ago, and that it was six years ago that she decided to relate what she experienced, although she later eliminated it because she felt fear.

“Now I am no longer afraid, but it is not something I want to relive. As I told you above, I brought it up because I saw the video for TODAY and it stirred my feelings. It gave me a lot of courage and I remembered everything, “read other publications.

“I’m not interested in seeking revenge, fame, or justice. It is enough for me that Martha knows (and does) the kind of person she raised. I have received a couple of DMs (private messages) from girls telling me about situations of physical and psychological violence that they lived with this ‘man’. Very sad ”.

Neither Figueroa nor her son have commented on it so far, although several netizens have supported @AnaFloreess and criticized the presenter and Alejandro for not showing their faces and facing the accusations.


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