Amanda Gorman, the poet from Joe Biden’s inauguration, received a juicy proposal after the ceremony | The State

Amanda Gorman, the poet from Joe Biden's inauguration, received a juicy proposal after the ceremony

Amanda Gorman, the poet of Biden’s inauguration.

Patrick Semansky / Getty Images

Last january 20 Amanda gorman became one of the great protagonists of the inauguration of the president of the U.S, Joe biden, With Ella Emhoff -the vice president’s stepdaughter Kamala harris– and mittens Bernie sanders, thanks to his poem entitled ‘The Hill We Climb’ that he recited during the ceremony and in his yellow Prada, which she paired with an XXL red satin headband.

The 22-year-old author and activist made history as the youngest poetess to attend a presidential inauguration and has become a true mass phenomenon. At the moment, he has secured a publishing contract to publish a hardcover version of his collection of poems next spring with Penguin Children and two other books of his, which have not yet seen the light, climbed in a matter of hours to the first position of the best sellers in Amazon although at the moment they are only in pre-sale.

Now Amanda has received another offer, which he has not hesitated to accept, from the prestigious modeling agency IMG Models, which represents runway stars like Beautiful or Gigi hadid already ‘Influencers’ as Chrissy Teigen. The company plans to help her control her image in the fashion industry, where her influence has already been noticed with the increase in sales of yellow coats, obtaining collaboration agreements with different brands and photographic magazine publishers.

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