Pati Chapoy reveals how she managed to reunite the former drivers of ‘Ventaneando’ | The State

For the 25th anniversary of the Mexican show program ‘Windowing’A meeting of drivers and former drivers was prepared to remind them of their time in the project led by Pati chapoy.

On set you could see Juan Jose Origel, Monica Garza, Aurora Valley already Jimena perez, shares that caused a sensation, although the ones that gave the most to talk about were the links via streaming they made with Martha Figueroa and Atala Sarmiento.

It was the producer who revealed how she managed to get all the ex-drivers to sit on the forum again, as it seems that for her there are no impossible things. From Martha to Atala who left the broadcast in the middle of a controversy.

“With many I have continued with a good relationship or a relationship at a distance. I just took the phone with everyone who saw here and that’s how it was, “said the presenter.

She was also grateful and recognized the great work of all those who were part: “They have always been in my heart because they, in one way or another, helped me build, what others are maintaining with effort, expertise and I work every day, ”he said.

Finally, and remove more intrigues, he spoke of the differences he had with some of the former drivers: “Of course what happened or did not happen is irrelevant, in the end, what we have to do is unite, build a a good future for all of us and that is what we are in ”, he closed his interview with the production.

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