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House Sends Impeachment Indictment Against Trump to Senate | The State

Representatives of the United States Lower House presented the accusation against former President Donald Trump before the Senate on Monday for “inciting an insurrection”, thus activating the process for his second impeachment that will begin the week of February 8.

It will be Trump’s second impeachment in a period of one year. The magnate is the first president to face two processes of this type in history.

Trump is accused of the events that occurred on January 6, when his supporters stormed the Capitol. The fate of the former president will depend on how the 50 Republicans in the Senate assume his defense.

Few conservative senators have expressed a desire to condemn Trump. The former president could be disqualified from running for public office if found guilty, which would end his potential bid for president in 2024.

The accusation was brought to the Senate by the congresswoman Jamie Raskin from Maryland. The Senate will meet Tuesday to prepare notice of Trump’s impeachment.


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