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Best Foods to Get You Through the Covid-19 Pandemic, According to a Gut Health Doctor | The State

Nowadays health is a hot topic and within it much has been said about intestinal health and its direct influence on the good functioning of the immune system. It is a fact that heyou billions of insects who live in our digestive tract they impact health in many ways.

In such a way that a healthy intestine is related to a better mood and less stress, and it is such a relevant aspect that can affect body weight, heart health and plus. Worldwide throughout 2020 and so far this year, health is still the most worrying issue and that is why en the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, every day more people wonder how through diet we can be healthier.

They have recently been various investigations on vitamin D and COVID-19, which has led to analyze what foods may help boost immunity and if the intestinal health influences the severity of COVID-19 symptoms. Earlier this month, a new research that talks about a last study focused on what we should eat and also avoid to have a happier gut microbiome and how to take care of ourselves through foodn during coronavirus pandemic.

In such a way that the results of this study were posted in Gut, it is worth mentioning that eThe general point of the study was that the inflammation which begins with gut microbes may be what determines who gets Mild or severe COVID-19. The study showed that they were consistently found unique changes in the gut microbes among the people who had COVID-19, compared to those that don’t. Therefore according to research the more severe the symptoms, correlate with changes in the microbiome. That is, as gravity worsens, the microbiome profile solidifies more.

The reason? The researchers found that people with Severe COVID-19 had higher levels of inflammatory markers, which correlates with these changes in microbes. We know that in people with severe manifestation of COVID-19, a big problem is the inflammation. It’s not the virus, but the effects that the virus has on our body and how our body reacts to it.

It is well known that the health consequences it has caused COVID-19 have been devastating and that is why specialists have been trying to understand why some people they hardly find out they have the virus and others that is it so exposed to the same virus, get intensely ill in intensive care. One of the conclusions they have reached specialists around the world and as the study suggests, are the gut microbes. He specific pattern they noticed was that in the cases of COVID-19 positive people had more germs than produce inflammation and there was a loss of specific microbes who are known to be anti-inflammatory. In even greater detail the missing microbes are known microbes that produce butyrate.

He butyrate is the product of short chain fatty acids, occurs when we consume fiber and has the virtue of being incredibly anti-inflammatory. Nowadays doctors and scientists they know that intestinal health plays a direct role in the intensity of the COVID-19 symptoms, however, it is worth mentioning that there are older studies, with other respiratory viruses, who have analyzed what happens in the microbiome.

In A study performed on animals, the researchers were very surprised when they discovered that a high fiber diet allowed mice living more time with less severe breathing problems and better lung function. The surprising thing was that ddiscovered that the fiber worked through the gut microbiome for produce butyrate and the butyrate was selectively altering the immune system by increasing it to fight the virus and thus avoid a excessive inflammation. These mechanisms demonstrate that a high fiber diet you can give our immune system an advantage through the microbiome.

What foods to consume to improve intestinal health during the pandemic?

The answer is simple: The favorite food of the gut microbes is the fiber. It is well known that fiber is an essential nutrient for digestive health and intestinal and is found naturally in vegetarian food and plants. In other words, it is essential to increase the intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, nuts and vegetables, are the food groups richest in fiber.

Additionally, the researchers emphasize that they have found that different plants they contain different types of fiber. It is curious to know that microbes they are picky to eat and it is important to understand that fiber is not generic. We find it in various foods, such as beans, quinoa, and apples, in such a way that lto best way to optimize the gut microbiome is to eat one wide variety of plants, as many different varieties as possible. The best recommendation is to follow a plant-based diet, colorful and varied it is pure food for intestinal health.

It is also important to know the foods that we should avoid. Specialists recommend putting special attention in the diet after taking antibiotics and you should know that what further destroys the microbiome it is alcohol. Taking into account that During this pandemic for myriad reasons, many people seek more wine, more beer and spirits, it is essential to pay attention to excessive consumption that is related to affectations in the intestinal health and depresses the immune system.

Another essential aspect to consider are the foods highly processed: whether they are processed meats, pastries, sweets, desserts, frozen and fried meals or even processed plant foods, these foods clearly they are causing damage to the microbiome. Today it is more important than ever to stay away from the consumption of processed foods, which constitute the 60% of the American diet currently, and only the 10% or less comes from real plants.

The correct formula would be to base the diet on the intake of a 60% vegetables and a 10% or less in terms of processed foods. Regarding alcohol, specialists are forceful and point out that the healthiest amount of alcohol None of them. However, they consider it healthy to have a glass of wine from time to time, the key is not to get into the habit of drinking.

Other aspects that are relevant is the consumption of foods rich in probiotics, which function as a magnificent complement and the best way to obtain them is through food. Bet on the consumption of fermented foods As the yogurt, kefir, tempeh, miso, kombucha, and kimchi.

Last but not least, lifestyle is a essential aspect, therefore it is just as important to make sure rest well at night, get physical activity and have a solid practice to relieve stress. All those things are relevant to gut health and therefore enjoy a strong immune system that allows us attack any pathogen that deteriorates health.


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