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Can you get coronavirus vaccines from different pharmaceutical companies? | The State

In some parts of the world, including some sites in the United States, there have been shortages in vaccines to combat the coronavirus, which has worried several who have already applied a first dose and who need to get the second for immunity to be effective.

So, How feasible is it to apply vaccines from different pharmaceutical companies?

Health experts have indicated that Preferably, the vaccines you apply must be from the same laboratory; This has been reaffirmed by the US health authorities, where they indicated that these are not interchangeable.

But given the situation of scarcity that is being experienced in some places, health experts from Great Britain pointed out that in case the laboratory from which you applied the first dose is not available or, you do not know what it was, theoretically, there would be no problem in applying that of another pharmacist in the second dose, but studies to support this claim are still lacking.

“If people accidentally get a different vaccine the second dose than the first dose, it is likely to work well and be well tolerated, but evidence is needed to be sure,” explained Naor Bar-Zeev, an expert on Johns Hopkins University Vaccines.


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