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Learn this stretching routine to increase your mobility at home | The State

Many are the people who perform physical activity in the comfort of their home, as Vitónica points out. If you are not one of them, a simple and accessible way to start is to start physical stretching routines.

The following exercise routine will help you combat the discomfort your body presents from remote work, and also to get practice in case you want to do more physically demanding exercises.

Stretching routine poses

The following stretching routine is made up of four basic postures that stimulate different muscles and stimulations throughout your body. The objective of these positions is increase the flexibility and mobility of your body through continuous practice.

These are exercises that can easily done within your free time, but you can also run them between your work periods in front of the PC or laptop so that you stretch out after spending a long time in the same position.

Frequent practice will allow us to obtain the full benefit of these exercises for our body. Source: Unsplash

Pincer or half pincer pose

This is a partial inversion pose that helps lengthen your back muscles. She supposes a flexion of our hips from the standing position as we we relieve the column of the pressure it suffers in its usual position.

We must be aware of our physical limits so that we avoid hurting ourselves or getting frustrated.

Downward facing dog pose

This is one of the best known postures in the world of yoga. It is a partial inversion position where the head is at the same height as the feet, and that helps us elongate the spine and stretch the muscles of the posterior chain.

The key to this posture is to direct the tailbone upward while pushing the ground with our hands as we imagine our spine lengthening.

Half pigeon pose

The most important thing in this pose is to make sure your hips are parallel to the ground, so it is preferable that we have good hip mobility previously acquired. The leg that is stretched back remains activated and with its muscles tensioned.

Sun salutation posture

The sun salutation posture consists of a sequence of 7 different postures that are repeated around 12 steps. With this position we manage to mobilize our back and our joints.

Perform these poses following your limits physical so that you do not demand more. As you get used to it, you can try to do these positions fully and thus perceive all the benefits that they can offer you.

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