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15 people got coronavirus after attending a cat's birthday party | The State

Although it seems to be a joke, in reality it is not. Incredibly, 15 people in Chile became infected with coronavirus after attending a birthday party, but do not think that of a family member or friend, because the celebration was held in honor, nothing more and nothing less than Of a cat!

The head of the Regional Ministerial Health Secretariat (Seremi), of Valparaíso, Francisco Álvarez, was the one who confirmed to the local newspaper The second that a party to celebrate a cat’s birthday, held in the Santo Domingo commune, caused more than a dozen people to become infected with COVID-19.

“Although it seems incredible and even fictional, these things really happen in our country with respect to what has happened in the pandemic. Without a doubt, people, in order to meet, invent any excuse to be able to do so, ”Álvarez told the aforementioned media.

He also called for caution and avoiding meetings, since the authorities have fined hundreds of residents for organizing clandestine meetings.


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