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Danna Paola premieres ‘Calla Tú’ with a powerful feminist message | The State

Singer Danna Paola premiered his first music video of 2021 for the song ‘Shut up’, song belonging to the album ‘K.O.’.

Through the lyrics of this single, the actress has also sent a strong message about the gender violence. While on social media, Danna has shared his excitement for the release of this song

“I am very excited to have written this song, I needed it, and I needed it to be something so precise and informative that today it could help us realize IT’S NOT OK TO SHUT UP EVER. This song is my banner to give voice to all the women who have fallen into the hands of people who disguise us love with blows and hatred. “, wrote.

Also, through an interview for the program The sun rises, the interpreter of ‘Notoriety’ She pointed out that in some way she has experienced violence and wanted to take the opportunity to send a feminist message through what she does best: sing.

“I think it is a topic that I needed to write about this situation, I was in Madrid, I was living in Madrid since 2018, just before 8M, and the first 8M feminist march The one I went to was in Madrid. I really wanted to write something because it is not that in a relationship or with a specific person I have experienced violence, but we have all experienced violence in some way, unconsciously. “

In addition, he revealed that in the same way, gender violence has also been presented in his professional life: “Within this industry I have experienced a lot of machismo, I have tried to shut up many times and I have said it, and it has been a notice everywhere in the world. ‘Quiet, I don’t look prettier’.

‘K.O.’ is the fifth album of Danna Paola, which contains 11 topics, and that was released last January 13th causing madness among his fans.

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