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"Miracles do exist": Mexican thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe that she will not be deported and will be able to take care of her sick daughter in New York | The State

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A long immigration nightmare seems to have ended for Fermina Ríos, a devoted Mexican mother who has just received the good news from her lawyer that she will no longer be deported.

The most important thing is that this way she will be able to continue in Queens (NYC), taking care of her daughter Dalia García, who depends a lot on her care since she had a car accident that left her a quadriplegic two years ago.

“She needs me a lot. The truth is I have no words, I’m very excited, I was in ‘shock’ “, Ríos said NY1 News.

Fermina came to the United States without papers from Mexico at the age of 18. When he received an appointment from Immigration, he did not appear at the correct address, he says. Therefore, he later obtained a deportation order in absentia.

Over a year ago, attorney Marilyn Orbach Rosenberg appealed Fermina’s case. Under current policies, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office (ICE) “You can deport any immigrant regardless of whether they have American children or a sick relative. Now, with the imminent change of government, his file has been reopenedCommented the station.

“The great victory is that the government confirmed to me that they are not opposed to opening this case,” said attorney Orbach Rosenberg.

Fermina says that The first thing you would do upon receiving your residency is to visit your country to thank the Virgin of Guadalupe. “The truth that miracles do exist … I thank God and the lawyer who is helping us ”.


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