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Sweet temptation: These are 6 of the healthiest desserts, recommended by nutritionists | The State

There’s really nothing wrong with eat a sweet throughout the day, in fact it is a custom that most of nutritionists recommend. Satisfy us with some sweet delight it’s a healthy habit, which is helpful for combat eating anxiety and promotes healthy balance in the daily diet.

In fact, people who consider some sweet food throughout their day, they report best results in weight loss. As long as it is healthy food and rich in nutrients, that is why we took on the task of compiling the 6 best alternatives. Enjoy the sweetness of life, while taking care of your health and figure.

1. Dark chocolate covered strawberries

Nothing exists most delicious and perfect to close with a flourish any food that a fcold resas covered in chocolate. Best of all, they are very easy to prepare and healthy, all you have to do: dmix 2 tablespoons dark chocolate chips in the microwave and dip 1 cup of strawberries in halves in the melted chocolate. This recipe is very easy but it feels incredibly pleasant and gourmet, the best of all is that they are very nutritious. Strawberries provide a boost of vitamin C, and the chocolate is rich in antioxidants, improves the mood and it is a great aphrodisiac.

Chocolate Strawberries
Chocolate covered strawberries./Photo: Pixabay

2. Yogurt parfait

The yogurt is considered one of the super-foods of the moment. Shines for its nutritional power, it is packed with protein and other essential nutrients like calcium, potassium and B vitamins, making it an excellent basis for any dessert. The best alternative is to choose unsweetened plain Greek yogurt and sweeten it with fresh fruit and one pinch whole grain granola. The perfect low calorie craving, a yogurt parfait contributes protein, fiber, and vitamins and minerals that make it the perfect way to end a meal.

Parfait. / Photo: Pixabay

3. Chocolate mousse with avocado

Nothing more exquisite than a chocolate mousse And best of all, it doesn’t have to be a dessert completely caloric. Making it with avocado is a great alternative to get healthy fats that protect the heart, fiber that benefits the digestive system and a good dose of antioxidants. To make it: mix in the blender 1/2 avocado, 1 Medjool date, 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder and 1/4 cup of almond milk and freeze.

Chocolate mousse
Chocolate mousse./Photo: Pixabay

4. Fruit crumble

It’s time to break away caloric crumbles idea, this warm and comforting delight may be the perfect ally for cold days in which sweet dishes are most craved. The best recommendation and the secret to making them healthy is to use: oats, whole wheat flour, butter and saltTop with plenty of mixed berries, sprinkle with sugar, lemon juice, and vanilla. The Soluble fiber of oats helps lower cholesterol and the berries are full of vitamins, antioxidants and help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.

Apple Crumble. / Photo: Reform Agency

5. Orange frozen yogurt

Without a doubt they exist simple desserts, which end up being the best and the Frozen yogurt It is one of them. All you have to do is combine fresh oranges seasonal with natural yogurt. Remember that for each orange you use you will get between 70-100% of the daily value recommended from vitamin C. Decorate with nuts and enjoy, lighter and more refreshing impossible.

Frozen yogurt
Frozen yogurt./Photo: Pixabay

6. Pistachio and chocolate truffles

These snacks are full of beneficial energy for the body and additionally provide great health benefits. Dark chocolate is considered one of the most powerful superfoods, this packed with antioxidants and protects intestinal health, it is a great way to nourish yourself at the end of the meal and still get that satisfying hit of sweet tooth. Additionally, it is packed with all-natural ingredients, such as pistachios rich in vitamin B6, cocoa rich in magnesium and coconut slow release of energy; also provide magnificent content in prebiotics and probiotics. Without a doubt a unique whim full of benefits for the body.

chocolate truffles
Truffles. / Photo: Shutterstock


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