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Oscar Mayer is Hiring Drivers to Travel Across America in the Wienermobile | The State

Oscar Mayer is hiring drivers to travel across the United States in the Wienermobile

For employment you must have a completed bachelor’s degree and a driver’s license.

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If you are good at driving and you like sausages, then you might be interested in working as the driver of the famous Wienermobile.

For Kraft Heinz, the parent company of Oscar Mayer sausages, is looking for a dozen people for one-year paid positions to be the Oscar Mayer Hotdoggers, which is what they call the drivers of the Wienermobile.

The main role of these drivers, whom the company considers ‘brand ambassadors’, is to drive the roads of the United States in the most famous vehicle in the country, delighting both sausage lovers and people who would love to drink a photo posing in front of this original car.

To apply for the job, you must have a completed bachelor’s degree, a driver’s license, and a willingness to work on major calendar holidays, as reported by Thrillist.

Drivers are also expected to keep the Wienermobile running smoothly, in addition to creating social media content, as well as representing the brand at hundreds of events.

The deadline to apply and apply for employment is January 31st. See the full list of requirements and responsibilities and submit your details by clicking here.

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