Killed his wife after getting out of jail for beating her | The State

Damon Mathews was arrested for allegedly killing his wife on New Years Eve shortly after he was released from jail for beating her, authorities in Colorado said.

The 44-year-old man was arrested on Saturday and charged with the murder of his wife, Rachel Matthews (47), reported The Durango Herald.

The couple had been celebrating New Year’s Eve at their home, in the Ignacio town, when they began to argue. Mathews later strangled his wife, took her car keys and a gun before shooting her in the head, reported the local press.

Previously he had been arrested twice for allegedly beating her. In one of the cases, on November 24, he was charged with assault and imprisoned for sending his wife to the hospital with a wound over her left eye.

The last time he was released at the end of December, after posting a $ 1,500 bond. He was now held at the Jefferson County Detention Center, without parole.

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