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This is how amazing a baby elephant ultrasound is | The State

The Oklahoma Zoo shared a video of the moment its resident Asian elephant, Asha, 25, underwent an ultrasound. The animal is in its eighth month of pregnancy, but since the average gestation time in these mammals is 22 months, there is still some time before it can meet its baby.

Asha is expected to give birth to her fourth calf in February 2022. The most recent ultrasound, taken by the zoo’s veterinary team, confirmed that both mother and baby are “as healthy as possible.” In the video, you can make out the trunk and the small legs of the animal, as well as its not so small ears.

“Probably more than any of the other elephants at the zoo, Asha loves to eat,” said Emory, one of the staff who cares for her. “His main diet consists of hay, grass and tree branches, his favorite. He also receives additional fruits and vegetables for positive reinforcement during all his training sessions. ”


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