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Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer Say Ready to Approve $ 1,400 Checks Following Biden Announcement | The State

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer Say Ready to Approve $ 1,400 Checks Following Biden Announcement

The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and the Democratic leader in the Senate, Charles Schumer.

Aaron P. Bernstein / Getty Images

The top Democratic leaders in the United States Congress, Representative Nancy Pelosi, and Senator Chuck Schumer, indicated in a joint statement Thursday that they are ready to move forward with the economic plan of Joe biden with stimulus checks of $ 1,400 to pass in both houses.

“The framework for emergency relief announced by the incoming Biden-Harris administration tonight is the right approach,” said Democrats. “We will get to work to translate President-elect Biden’s vision into legislation that will pass both houses and become law,” they added.

Yesterday, Biden in a speech from Wilmington, Delaware, announced his two-phase plan to rescue the economy hit by the coronavirus.

Among the measures contemplated in Biden’s new stimulus proposal is a check for $ 1,400 to supplement the minimum $ 600 approved in the second stimulus bill last December. The plan also seeks to increase unemployment funds to $ 400 a week and increase the federal minimum wage to $ 15.

Although the Democrats will have control of both the Senate and the House, the delegation will need the backing of Republicans to pass new aid.

In the Senate, the legislative proposal will require 60 votes to advance to the final vote.

The current majority spokesperson in that legislative body, Mitch McConnell, one of the most assiduous opponents of new stimulus checks, did not give way, last month, to the independent measure of the Democrats to increase the figure of the second check to $ 2,000, this despite the fact that President Donald Trump advocated, at the last minute, for changes to the law for those purposes.

Previously, Schumer had already indicated that the issue of the $ 2,000 check will be a priority once the new Legislature is activated.

“The emergency relief work for COVID-19 is far from complete,” Schumer said in a letter to his colleagues last Tuesday.

“The Democrats wanted to do much more in the last measure and promised to do so to have the opportunity to increase direct payments to a total of $ 2,000, we are going to do that,” said the senator from New York who would become the new leader of the Democratic majority in that legislative body.


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