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"I would have given a fuck to Mayweather": Julio César Chávez responds clearly to Faitelson on social networks | The State

ANDThe always provocative television commentator, David Faitelsón I assure in social networks that -with all due respect- Julio Cesar Chavez, the best boxer Mexico has ever had could not defeat “not even on Mars” the American Floyd Mayweather, who retired undefeated with 50 professional fights.

But it is not easy for César del Boxeo to “bite his crest” without taking home a souvenir, so, minutes later He categorically responded to the ESPN journalist:

“You are very right neither on Mars nor Jupiter I would have beaten him but here on this earth at 140 pounds I would have given both of them a shit” Referring to Jose Luis Castillo who supposedly defeated “Money” in the most difficult fight of his career, hands down.

Mike Tyson himself has assured without hesitation that Chávez was a much better boxer than Mayweather still in its best stage.

The one who did go wrong with two you are with Chávez was his uncle Roger Mayweather whom the Mexican defeated twice in Las Vegas in the 1980s, both via chloroform.


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