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What is the new Popeye’s dessert proposal that has your customers excited | The NY Journal


What is the new Popeye’s dessert proposal that has your customers excited

The restaurant has temporarily introduced two cakes to its menu that its fans are loving.

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Popeyes, the famous place that offers to eat fried chicken in the purest style of New Orleans since 1972 it has added a couple of seasonal desserts to its menu. These new members are attracting the attention of the most enthusiastic lovers of sweet cupcakes and receiving rave reviews.

The chain’s restaurants have a number of desserts like cakes and banana cream pudding, but they are the hand cakes the ones that are being the favorites of your customers.

One of the new menu selections coming along with fall are the fritters of chocolate with a French cake that is fried to order, it is filled with a sauce of sweet chocolate and generously covered with powdered sugar.

The fritters are available in options of three, six and 12 pieces. Chew Boom notes that they are priced at $ 1.99, $ 3.99, and $ 7.49 respectively. They are a limited edition offering at specific restaurant locations and prices may vary by location.

The irresistible

The second new addition that for some is irresistible, is a fried cake of raspberry cheesecake. Has raspberry, graham cracker and cheese crumbs, all within a roll-shaped fried base. This treat will also be available for a limited time and can be found at participating locations nationwide. Its suggested price of 99 cents.

Foodlovers have not been slow to give their opinion to Popeyes desserts through their social networks and make the famous “review” to give the go-ahead or bad, and what we see is that they are loving these cakes.

“It has that nice creamy raspberry. You get that slight bitterness from the cheesecake, ”says Chris of Melz & Chris.


Yet there is no exact date for the end of the offer of the newcomer cakes, but for now you can enjoy them to complete your favorite version of chicken, such as the sandwich Chicken Po-Boy.

Desserts are not the only addition to the Popeyes menu in recent times. In early September they brought back the famous Ghost Pepper Wings, Popeyes Bonafide wings that are marinated for 12 hours in an exotic pepper mixture, then battered and breaded in a crisp southern-style layer and deep-fried.

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