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Ángela Ponce reacts to Lupita Jones' transphobic comments

Angela Ponce.


This week, Lupita jones The fury of users on social networks once again detonated, after speaking out against trans women who seek to participate in beauty contests.

Lupita’s lamentable words made Angela Ponce, who represented Spain in Miss Universe 2018 and made history by becoming the first transgender woman to compete in the pageant.

The model assured, in a series of fragments via Instagram, that being the director of Mexicana Universal is a position that is very big for Jones, because the values ​​of the businesswoman do not represent the contest and she would have to be ashamed for giving public opinions without knowledge .

“If you like talking about the subject so much, find out, grow as a person. You work in a contest that is too big for you because your values ​​don’t represent it. ”, Angela said.

“When people call you transphobic publicly, which you are, or on social networks, do not cry or go out with absurd statements,” he accused Lupita of “victimizing”.

Finally. The former Miss Universe participant made it clear that she would be willing to face her and He warned: “If you look for me you will find me, and I see that it is what you wanted, well here I am.”

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