“How sad”; strong criticism of Adamari López for attending a party in the middle of the pandemic | The State

Adamari Lopez shared a fantastic video of his daughter Alaïa taking his best steps in the middle of a party. What he did not expect was the wave of criticism that would unleash.

And it is that the daughter of Toni Costa He presumed that he follows in his father’s footsteps with dancing, but the public condemned that the famous Puerto Rican host made an appearance at a party.

“It is sad to see these images, it is not the time to go to parties with the situation of the pandemic. Then they come out crying announcing that they have COVID “Reacted a user on People en Español’s Instagram, who shared the video.

“Big Deal? Dial using masks so as not to spread Hahahaha “, seconded another.

And it is that the coronavirus pandemic has left hundreds of thousands of deaths and the infections do not stop. Florida is one of the areas where unfortunate moments were recorded by Covid-19.

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