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They compare Carolina Sandoval's daughter, Bárbara Camila, with a ‘40-year-old woman’ | The State

One of the spoiled ones that occupies a large part of the heart of the Venezuelan journalist Carolina sandoval, former presenter of Tell me what you know, is Barbara Camila, eldest daughter of the same. For a short time, Barbara She has been following in her mother’s footsteps and has become an influencer on social networks. However, even though she is still a teenager, many people ignore her age and criticize her almost the same as they do with her mother.

On this occasion, which sparked harsh criticism for Barbara Camila It was a video, as a tutorial, that the teenager uploaded to her account Instagram in which she appears putting on makeup with a mirror in hand. Certainly the only thing she does while filming is lip painting in an almost professional way. As many will know, the young woman loves makeup and everything related to it.

Despite being very pretty, many of her followers made her feel that they did not agree with her “Make up so much being so young” and some other signs:

  • “Burned hair, very black eyebrows and very long nails, you don’t need that!”
  • “If it looks like a 40-year-old woman with so much makeup that you put on”
  • “Exaggerated, it doesn’t take that long to put on a good lip makeup”
  • “She looks very big with her makeup! I saw her father on a program and Omg after a while the father will look younger than the daughter! No Camila, you don’t need so much makeup, your beauty is natural! Think about it”
  • “It looks like a 50-year-old lady putting on makeup like this! At that age you have such beautiful skin that you don’t need makeup! It depends on the diet of course and the lifestyle, but they travel a lot and eat badly and not to mention that they exercise “
  • “JLo’s sister 5 years younger. But not even the tigress from the North wears as much makeup as these little ones, but that one is to cover wrinkles, but what about this one !? “

These were definitely harsh words for someone transitioning from girl to adult. However, Barbara Camila She has proven to be a very mature young lady who ignores such comments. They have even told him on occasions that it is “Much calmer than her mother”. Even so, the bulk of messages were compliments, compliments and in some other cases they even defended her from her retractors.

Definitely, Barbara Camila She is a very mature and successful young lady. Not for nothing is she about to reach a million followers in a short time, thus becoming one of the Hispanic girls in the digital world who are setting the most trend at this time.

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