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What are the best fast food restaurant fries

McDonald’s fries are classic and visually perfect.

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French fries are a fast food classic. Few people can resist these potatoes salty, crispy and hot. They are ideal to accompany a hamburger, fried chicken, everything!

We reviewed the lists of three evaluations made by different editors in the search for which fast food restaurant offers the best fries. According to the results of Thrillist, Business Insider and Eat This, Not That, we present the chains that are in the first five places. We anticipate that taste is subjective.

5. Five Guys

Five Guys potatoes are served abundant And unlike other fast food fries, Five Guys fries they are cooked in peanut oil and are seasoned with common salt. These potatoes are in fourth place in the ranking of Business Insider and Eat This, Not That.

A uniform description for Five Guys potatoes is that they know real potatoes. It’s a smooth potato with crisp edges, just the right amount of salt, and the skin adds a nice flavor. But real potato flavor isn’t everything and that’s why it’s not in the top 3.

Five Guys potatoes are fresh and somewhat crispy, but to say of Insider, they are too simple: “Five Guys relies too much on the appeal of the ‘real potato’, they are somewhat sweet and not very tasty.”

4. Chick-fil-A

He waffle that some love and some hate allows Chick-fil-A potatoes to get a extra crunchy texture and its level of salt is indicated. For Eat This, Not That, these potatoes are in fifth place.

For Thrillis the waffle fries are in third place, they go very well with a good chicken sandwich, but they are not the best on the menu and there are better potatoes to try.

3. Arby’s

Arby’s French Fries are the best for Thrillist, ensures that gloriously rolled potato wedges with a special spice concoction They steal the show from the rest of the menu like none of the other fries do.

But for Eat This, Not That, Arby’s potatoes they are in third place. The seasoning on these potatoes is top-notch, the potatoes are perfectly seasoned and still fresh after a subway ride. They note that “nothing beats spiced curly fries and topped with a Jamocha Shake.” The but the editors found is that they may not be so crispy.

2. McDonald’s

French fries McDonald’s appear in the top 5 of the three counts; although in none are they in the first place. Are the number two for Thrillist, Eat This, Not That and # 4s for Business Insider.

McDonald’s fries are classic and visually perfect. They are enjoyed hot or cold, they are quite crisp, soft inside, just the right amount of salt and a satisfying taste. The but is in that for some people, these potatoes they can be a bit soft.

1. Shake Shack

In the potato chip battle, Shake Shack are number one for Eat This, Not That and Business Insider. What is special about these potatoes?

Although the wrinkled cut is not the favorite of many, Shake Shack potatoes triumph over the competition with their thick layer of crunchy and succulent flavor. An editor said “They taste like a real potato, perfectly crispy and salty ”.

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