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Mother of 6 Dies of Coronavirus 3 Days After Giving Birth | The State

Mother of 6 dies of coronavirus 3 days after giving birth

The woman tested positive days before Christmas.

Alberto Valdes / EFE

A family in Los Angeles is going through an irreparable loss, after a mother of 6 children died of coronavirus just 3 days after giving birth to her last daughter.

The victim of COVID-19 was named Verónica Guevara-Girón, I was 37 years old and sHer nightmare began days before Christmas when she found out that she had tested positive just as she was in her eighth month of pregnancy.

“She began to say that she could not breathe … she developed a cough that did not go away, so they ended up taking her to the hospital,” explained her sister-in-law Nathalia Girón.

Verónica was only kept in the hospital with oxygen support but her situation worsened as the days progressed, so the doctors decided to induce labor 5 weeks before the scheduled date to try to save her and her baby.

The mother was fortunate to be able to hug her baby, since just one day after the cesarean she had to be connected to an artificial respirator until she finally passed away.


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