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How much alcohol should we consume to develop cirrhosis

Drinking too much alcohol can cause you to suffer from serious illnesses like cirrhosis.

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The excessive consumption of alcohol can have negative consequences for the human body, one of them being cirrhosis, as Cuídate Plus indicates. Alcoholic cirrhosis is the result of anatomical changes that the liver undergoes due to alcohol.

In theory, You should not be exposed to developing cirrhosis if you regulate the consumption of alcohol in your day to day. Thus, we will talk about how much alcohol you should consume to have cirrhosis, so that you have a safe limit for your health.

With what amount of alcohol could we develop cirrhosis?

The amount of alcohol that should be consumed to develop cirrhosis varies in men and women. For the former, it would be necessary drink 30 to 60 grams of alcohol per day for 10 years to develop liver disease.

For her part, a woman should ingest between 20 and 40 grams of alcohol in the same period of time to have a disease of the same type. To illustrate it better, two glasses of beer are equal to 20 grams of alcohol.

However, it is possible to get liver damage from a huge alcohol intake in a short period of time. In these scenarios cirrhosis does not develop, but fulminant lesions do that can cause the liver to stop working.

The recommendation is not to take in an exaggerated way to have good health. Source: Pexels

How does alcoholic cirrhosis develop?

The alcohol we drink is metabolized in the body, generating toxic substances. These substances will give rise to a series of processes that result in a state of inflammation. If alcohol consumption becomes chronic, the state of inflammation will be maintained over time.

The Chronic inflamation triggers anatomical and structural changes that lead to cirrhosis. In particular, chronic inflammation encourages the formation of fibrosis, a scar tissue that replaces healthy liver tissue.

As healthy liver tissue is replaced by scar tissue, the organ is losing its ability to function properly, which ultimately leads to cirrhosis. When it occurs from alcohol intake, it is a case of alcoholic cirrhosis.

All types of cirrhosis have the ability to undergo a malignant transformation leading to a liver cancer. However, there are causes that are more oncogenic than others.

For example, alcoholic cirrhosis has a greater potential in liver cancer than autoimmune cirrhosis, but less than hepatitis B and C viruses.

As with diabetes, our chances of developing cirrhosis are subject to how much we are exposed to the substance that causes the disease, alcohol in this case. Being so, being prudent with alcohol consumption is necessary.

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