A luxury: iPhone 1 sells for up to $ 10,000 | The State

Manzana It is in constant renovation, which is why lovers of its products must be changing their devices frequently, so that today, the first iPhone is practically useless.

Despite this, said smartphone It can be worth a fortune, as many consider it a collectible.

How much can a first-generation iPhone be worth?

In 2007, this phone ranged from $ 500 to $ 600, depending on the storage capacity, a price that today has skyrocketed up to 5 times.

On Internet sites that are dedicated to the sale of various objects, as is the case with eBay, you can find the first iPhones starting at $ 1,000 and even one priced at $ 10,000, Since it is in its original box, sealed and completely new. It all depends on how much use it has, and rather, how much the seller wants for his museum piece.

But if you want something to buy at the price of a new car, you can go to the offer of a seller, who asks for almost 200 thousand pesos for an iPhone in its completely new sealed box. All you need: $ 10,000 in your preferred bank account and order it, so that it arrives between the 12th and 13th of this month. A real bargain, isn’t it?


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