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Showing her panties, Carolina Sandoval wiggled her curves and revealed "her cellulite" | The State

The Venezuelan had been “quiet” for a long time Carolina sandoval. The cold days of her vacations had her a little more “appeased” and above all covered almost from head to toe. But now that he’s returned to the city of Miami, He did it in style and showing his explosive curves.

He put on transparent pants that easily showed his underwear or at least what covered his noble parts. The piece was black and her cellulite which, although for many women represents a true nightmare, for “The Venous” It is something normal that you are not ashamed to show. In fact, he has dedicated entire publications to talk about it without any complex.

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Hours later, he continued using the same outfit to make a humorous video in which he secretly ate sweets and which was as funny as any of his famous TikToks, an application with which she has proven to be an expert. There is no doubt that the former presenter of the Telemundo, “Tell me what you know”Not only is she a creative machine, since she does not stop generating all kinds of content for her fans, but she is a woman who generates noise. Whether to the displeasure of many or to serve as an inspiration and source of joy to others.

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