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NYPD Investigates Police Officer for Allegedly Participating in Capitol Insurrection | The State

He Police commissioner Dermot Shea reported Monday that the Uniformed was investigating one of his officers for allegedly having participated last Wednesday in the violent insurrection on the Capitol, in Washington, which left at least five dead.

Although officially the New York City Police Department (NYPD) had not given details about the identity of the agent being investigated, the top head of the Uniformed said in an appearance on the NY1 channel that he could say “that yes there is an open investigation on a member. The name has not been released yet because we do not know yet if it is true or not, but I can tell you that anyone who commits crimes would certainly have a very short life with it. NYPD“.

President Donald Trump has maintained broad support among police department officials across the country, including those in the NYPD. And before the presidential elections last November, the Benevolent Police Association (PBA), which represents 24,000 New York officers, gave his official endorsement to the candidacy of the republican.

And if the participation of the police officer in the violent revolt is confirmed, he would not be the only member of a municipal agency of the Big Apple that he would have gone to Washington, since last weekend the FBI reported that he contacted the New York City Fire Department (FDNY), to confirm reports about some of its members who also I would have gone to DC.

In addition, images of a man inside the Capitol were released on Friday among the crowd of Trump supporters, who was identified as an MTA worker who had missed work that day after he he had reported sick.

Beyond the NYPD and FDNY, any New York City employee, Any branch of the Government that has participated in this attack and insurrection against our democratic institutions will be fired, period, “he told the mayor on Monday Bill de Blasio at a daily press conference, sharply adding that if evidence was obtained “that person stop working for the City immediately”.

NYPD to send 200 cops to DC

Given the possibility that they can repeat themselves violent events in Washington in the days before Joe Biden’s swearing-in ceremony on January 20, and especially that same day, the NYPD informed that it will send 200 officers to the capital, following a request from the mayor of DC Muriel bowser for additional support to ensure safety.

The Uniformed had not given details about the specific role that these New York policemen will have, but it is expected that they will be deployed around the Capitol along with other police forces from other cities and the National Guard from several states that are already being sent to confront other possible acts of violence of the most radical Trump supporters.

It was reported that the Mayor of DC is seeking the help of at least 3,000 officers from police departments across the country for the swearing-in ceremony, while military personnel from the National Guard of Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland add up to at least 6,200.

The forces of order would remain in DC for at least 30 days, and from this Monday until next January 24 the Department of Homeland Security canceled all permits for meetings and demonstrations around the capital.

The inaugural festivities will be much smaller than usual due to the pandemic of

, and the same

He urged his supporters not to travel to DC and see virtually the traditional presidential inauguration parade on Pennsylvania Avenue.


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