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Will Vicente Fernández Jr. and Mariana González be parents very soon? | The State

Since the relationship of Vicente Fernandez Jr. and Mariana gonzalez Ten months ago, their romance has been one of the most talked about due to the difference of almost 20 years of age between the two and now they are on everyone’s lips again for a new announcement that has left many surprised.

It was through Mariana’s Instagram stories that she let it be seen that they decided to go to the next level and want to write to the stork very soon, becauseHe confessed that he would like to have two children with Vicente and already has the possible names. If it is a girl it will be called Mia, and if it is a boy it will be Emilio.

But they were only enjoying the traditional Rosca de Reyes in the company of their family, although at that time the also known as the “Mexican Kim Kardashian” warned that if either of them obtained a doll from the thread, they would have a baby in this year, which happened to both.

Their relationship seems to be more solid with each passing day and they do not stop showing the great love that exists between them. Proof of this that their social networks are full of photographs where they appear together and very happy, so if this year they become parents it would only be to seal their love even more.

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