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Tatiana releases her curves and takes a sunbath in this sexy swimsuit | The State

Tatiana, the famous child singer, like many other celebrities is living the first days of the year receiving many vitamins from sunlight. A few hours ago, this famous Hispanic television star released her curves and was seen in a sexy swimsuit. “Life decides who enters your life, but you decide who stays“He wrote next to the photograph, which has also been called “The queen of children.”

A few days ago Tatiana was in a completely different climate from the Caribbean. He went nothing more and nothing less than to Alaska where he submitted to the greatest of cold. Today he lets himself bathe in the warmth of the sea water. While in the snow, on the other hand, he reflected: “Make your smile change the world … But don’t let the world change your smile.”

It should be remembered that even with 52 years of age, the singer and actress is still considered by many, “the queen of children.” Through Instagram you can see how his most constant publications are those related to the entertainment of the kings of the house, boys and girls, not only from Mexico but also from Latin America.


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