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Five Reasons You Diet But Can't Lose Weight | The State

Most diets are effective To lose weight. But to have success, There’s others factors that come into play. Therefore, if despite the diet you can’t lose weight, you may be doing something wrong.

Sometimes it’s not about diet, but about yourself. Things like eating the wrong foods and not dieting the way it should can cause the results are not as expected. Next, we expand this information.

1. Wrong foods

If you follow a certain diet, try know all the details about her. The types of foods what you should consume, which ones you should avoid, Schedule which you should eat, and the portions.

Sometimes it happens that we go on a diet low fat, but we consume products that they are not for not healthy at all, as diet drinks or low sugar sodas, as noted by the AARP.

Similarly, if you are on a low-carbohydrate diet, but consume bacon and other foods rich in fat, it is clear that the problem is in you.

The best is to learn to eat low-fat foods, reduce sugar, ultra-processed foods and refined grains, such as flour.

2. Medications

exist medicines that do not contribute to lose weight. It is estimated that between 10 and 15% of people who suffer from obesity It is due to the consumption of drugs.

The point is that there are many drugs that promote weight gain, such as antihistamines and antidepressants. If the medicine is frequent use, the problem worsens.

You need to talk to your doctor Over the effects that you have any medication in your Health, and if possible replace it for another that does not have these effects.

Lose weight
In case you have problems losing weight, it is best to go to a specialist who can help you. Source: Shutterstock

3. Irregular exercise

One way to lose weight is walk. In fact, this exercise is a ally so that the diet take effect. But if this is not the case, it is because you are doing something wrong.

The question is in the rhythm. If you keep a beat constant that does not vary in terms of intensity, the exercise will not effect wanted. For this reason, it is important increase the rhythm every so often and alternate it.

4. Eating too much at night

It is essential not to skip any meals, even the Dinner. Now, depending on the type of dinner, there are recommendations about what you should eat and the schedule established for it.

But it happens that, sometimes, you may whim eat something after dinner. In fact, those who eat after dinner can accumulate up to 208 calories plus than those who don’t.

5. Loss of muscle mass

After 30 it’s possible to lose between 3 and 8% muscle mass if what is necessary is not done to preserve it. This could cause accumulate fat and burn fewer calories.

Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a healthy physical activity, and doing strength exercises is essential to maintain muscle mass and maintain weight, or slim down.

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