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What does the Body Mass Index reveal about our health? | The State

Most of us are familiar with BMI, or Body Mass Index, and perhaps in a medical appointment we have received the measurement of this index to know if we are good of health. But does this procedure really reveal whether we are in physical well-being?

What is BMI and what are its controversies

It is a tool evaluation standard that is used in many health centers. It has long been the method reference for health according to size and weight of the person, and that is why he has also received strong critics according to what Healthline points out.

Those who criticize him allege that simplify much the concept or notions of what it is to be healthy. Others claim that it is obsolete, outdated and is inaccurate, and therefore should be discontinued.

This method was developed by a Belgian mathematician named Lambert Adolphe Jacques Quetelet to calculate the degree of overweight and obesity that can lead to population specific.

His goal was to collaborate with governments in order to help them to get better regarding the distribution of means to improve health.

It is interesting to note that the BMI was not Useful for the study of people at the level individual, rather, its purpose was to give a perspective of health in general of a certain population.

This index has been highly criticized by the scientific community. Source: Pixabay

How is BMI measured

The formula used to measure the BMI Its the divide the weight in kilograms times the height in meters squared. The formula, therefore, would be the following: weight kg / height m².

Other alternative is to calculate the weight in pounds between height in inches squared and multiply by 703. The formula would be the following: (weight (pounds) / height (in2)) x 703. Another option is to use calculators found on the internet.

Now after getting the Outcome the calculation is compared with the scale of BMI to check what rank weight lies.

This scale contributes to determine if the BMI range is the suitable or it could be at risk. Thus, the level less at 18.5 indicates a under weight, indicating that the risk of health is high. While the weight normal is between 18.5 and 24.9 and indicates that the health risk is low; instead, if the weight over 25, then it could be in the range of overweight / obesity.


Between the drawbacks are that this measurement does not take into account other factors like gender, race, age, and health issues. That is, the index does not take into account the context of people.

So in the context of someone whose BMI is within the normal weight range, even if their weight is the suitable, I do not want to say that joy Of good health.

That is why it is important to carry a diet appropriate, go to doctor frequently, and while it is true that weight and BMI play an important role, they are not the only indicators, so a review complete.

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6 Effective Ways To Practice Intermittent Fasting To Lose Weight | The State

Intermittent fasting is a somewhat particular way to lose weight if we do it properly. As Healthline indicates, 6 effective ways can be listed with which we can do intermittent fasting and lose weight.

Methods 18/6 and 5: 2, eat-stop-eat, fasting every other day, the warrior diet and spontaneous meal skipping are 6 of the effective ways we can fast to lose weight. We will detail each of them below.

1. The 16/8 method

This diet proposes a daily fasting period of 16 hours, and a dining space that extends for 8 hours. There are more flexible modalities where the person can decide to fast for less time and have the possibility of eating for a greater number of hours.

Within the deadline to eat is possible to introduce between two and three meals so that you can adequately satisfy the feeling of hunger.

2. The 5: 2 diet

This diet proposes eat normally for 5 days a week, and for the remaining 2 days restrict caloric intake to between 500 and 600 calories per day. These days do not have to be consecutive, and can be distributed in the week as it suits the person.

Although there are studies on the benefits of intermittent fasting, there is still no conclusive research on this modality.

3. Eat-stop-eat

This method proposes a a full 24-hour period of fasting 1 or 2 times a week. For example, if you have your dinner on Monday and you don’t eat again until dinner on Tuesday, you will have already completed the 24-hour fasting period.

This modality has the difficulty of propose a period that not everyone can meet. However, it is not wrong to start small and increase the number of hours over time.

Ideally, you should find the method that best suits your pace of life. Source: Shutterstock

4. Intermediate day fast

As its name suggests, it is a modality that allows us eat one day, fast the next, and eat again the day after. There are several types, one of them allowing a restricted calorie intake on the fast day, and others where the fast must be full.

5. Warrior diet

This diet proposes eat smaller servings of raw vegetables and fruits during the day, and have larger dinners at night. Basically, we fast in the morning to have a big meal within a 4 hour period over the course of the night.

6. Spontaneous skipping of meals

In this mode there is no rigid structure, but rather it is simply that the person stops consuming according to their own wishes. The most basic way is to stop eating because you are too busy with work, or simply because you are not hungry.

It is preferable that you choose the most suitable and appropriate fasting modality for you, so that you can do it without taking major risks to your health. For this, you should visit your nutritionist beforehand to have a professional perspective on hand.

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Five Reasons You Diet But Can’t Lose Weight | The State

Most diets are effective To lose weight. But to have success, There’s others factors that come into play. Therefore, if despite the diet you can’t lose weight, you may be doing something wrong.

Sometimes it’s not about diet, but about yourself. Things like eating the wrong foods and not dieting the way it should can cause the results are not as expected. Next, we expand this information.

1. Wrong foods

If you follow a certain diet, try know all the details about her. The types of foods what you should consume, which ones you should avoid, Schedule which you should eat, and the portions.

Sometimes it happens that we go on a diet low fat, but we consume products that they are not for not healthy at all, as diet drinks or low sugar sodas, as noted by the AARP.

Similarly, if you are on a low-carbohydrate diet, but consume bacon and other foods rich in fat, it is clear that the problem is in you.

The best is to learn to eat low-fat foods, reduce sugar, ultra-processed foods and refined grains, such as flour.

2. Medications

exist medicines that do not contribute to lose weight. It is estimated that between 10 and 15% of people who suffer from obesity It is due to the consumption of drugs.

The point is that there are many drugs that promote weight gain, such as antihistamines and antidepressants. If the medicine is frequent use, the problem worsens.

You need to talk to your doctor Over the effects that you have any medication in your Health, and if possible replace it for another that does not have these effects.

In case you have problems losing weight, it is best to go to a specialist who can help you. Source: Shutterstock

3. Irregular exercise

One way to lose weight is walk. In fact, this exercise is a ally so that the diet take effect. But if this is not the case, it is because you are doing something wrong.

The question is in the rhythm. If you keep a beat constant that does not vary in terms of intensity, the exercise will not effect wanted. For this reason, it is important increase the rhythm every so often and alternate it.

4. Eating too much at night

It is essential not to skip any meals, even the Dinner. Now, depending on the type of dinner, there are recommendations about what you should eat and the schedule established for it.

But it happens that, sometimes, you may whim eat something after dinner. In fact, those who eat after dinner can accumulate up to 208 calories plus than those who don’t.

5. Loss of muscle mass

After 30 it’s possible to lose between 3 and 8% muscle mass if what is necessary is not done to preserve it. This could cause accumulate fat and burn fewer calories.

Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a healthy physical activity, and doing strength exercises is essential to maintain muscle mass and maintain weight, or slim down.

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Discover the Popular and Colorful Diet That Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk, New Study Finds | The State

In the last days everyone talks about the wonders of the Mediterranean diet, which has been named for the fourth consecutive year as the best diet of 2021.Not only has scientifically proven which is a dietary pattern that benefits health on many levels, orn new study of the M. D. Anderson Cancer Center of the University of Texas has found that the men with prostate cancer who consume a stricter mediterranean diet can experience a lower risk of progression.

Said study included the participation of 410 men with prostate cancer, to whom according to a questionnaire food frequency they were assigned a high, medium or low score on the Mediterranean diet. The researchers found that male participants who ate more fruits, vegetables, grains, fish, olive oil, nuts, legumes, beans and seeds; that is, the 9 groups of staple foods of the Mediterranean diet, they had minor symptoms and progression in disease.

He prostate cancer is the type of cancer more common among men and according to information released by American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), every year the figures increase. It is estimated that the last year was diagnosed with prostate cancer to 174,650 mans in the U.S and approximately the 60% of cases were men over 65. The mean age of diagnosis is 66 years; for unknown reasons, the risk of prostate cancer it’s about a 60% higher in black men that in the white men.

The disease rarely occurs before age 40, undoubtedly a very relevant data for create greater awareness in the prevention of this type of male cancer. AND feeding and the lifestyle, are a big part of the secret.

Another of the important findings of said study: than 8.1% of the men in the study who self-identified as blacks, those who followed a high degree of Mediterranean diet they saw the biggest decrease at the risk of progression of prostate cancer. The study authors say this is significant because the black men they have a 60% more chance to be diagnosed with this type of cancer.

The good news is that through feeding and new habits focused on the Lifestyle, men not only with prostate cancer, but those with a disease in the male reproductive system (for example inflammation of the prostate), can find a way to impact the progression of your disease and Improve your quality of life.

In such a way that the Mediterranean diet It is not only the best alternative for be healthier, prevent diseases, live longer and lose weight, it is also a powerful toolagainst cancer and specifically that of the prostate. After such valuable information that science makes available to us, you will have no doubts to start 2021 with a new challenge and Lifestyle that will only do you gain health and wellness.


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7 diets to lose weight that you can extend over time | The State

Some of the diets we turn to to lose weight can only be applied for a short period of time. However, as Healthline points out, there are other eating regimens that can be extended without fear of potential health consequences.

Plant-based, low-carb, and low-fat diets are some of the diets you can turn to and prolong for weeks or months provided you take the necessary precautions.

1. Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting alternate periods of food intake with periods of absolute absence or minimal consumption. There are several modalities for this, such as 8/16, the 5: 2 method, and others.

Generally speaking, intermittent fasting reduces caloric intake so that the body does not gain weight from fat and other components. If done properly, intermittent fasting can go on for a long time.

2. Plant-based diets

Vegetarianism and veganism are the best known examples of plant-based diets. There is also the flexitarianism, which is a mode in which the person can consume vegetables and also include certain portions of meat in their diet.

3. Low carbohydrate diets

Low-carbohydrate diets prioritize the intake of protein and fat over carbohydrates. Increased protein in the body helps regulate appetite, build muscle mass, and raise metabolism.

In some cases, these diets can raise the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, so discretion is suggested when using them.

4. Paleo diet

This diet proposes that we eat the same foods that our hunter ancestors consumed. One of its premises is that current diseases are associated with the western diet, so abandoning it would keep us healthier.

There are studies that suggest that this diet does help with weight loss, but it is also known that it restricts important nutritional groups, which would prevent us from setting up a completely healthy diet.

It is recommended that each diet that is followed be under the supervision of a nutritionist. Source: Shutterstock

5. Low fat diets

Since low-fat diets reduce calorie intake, they are helpful for weight loss, although not as much as low-carbohydrate diets.

It is worth mentioning that these diets can have long-term repercussions because fat is related to hormone production, cellular health, and nutrient absorption, so they must be done with the proper precautions of the case.

6. Mediterranean diet

Originally designed to reduce the risk of heart disease, the Mediterranean diet is also capable of help us lose weight. It is mainly made up of the foods consumed in Mediterranean countries such as Italy and Greece.

This diet will only work if we have one limited calorie intake. If this does not happen, we will not be able to lose weight.

7. Dash diet

This diet is not designed to lose weight, but to prevent hypertension. However, several people have reported that they have lost a few kilos with it, probably because of the foods that she contemplates such as:

  • Fruits
  • Whole grains
  • Vegetables

Before proceeding with these regimens, it is important that confirm with a nutritionist that diet which selections will not be harmful to you, and also that the diet will meet your nutritional needs.

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Lady Di’s diet and exercise routine that is still valid | The State

A combination of exercise and good nutrition was the key to Lady Di.


Something that the Famous, especially if they are from the royalty, is that they can organize large banquets in a row. The food, while delicious, can lead to excesses. For this reason, it is interesting to know how he did Lady di to keep your figure.

According to what is recorded in Reader’s Digest, Lady Di suffered from bulimia, but managed recuperate and eat a healthy and balanced diet. So what was your secret to stay in shape?

Fat free diet

Princess Diana was determined to follow a diet totally healthy. For that, he hired the former chef of the Queen isabel II.

When hiring him, he commissioned him to take care of the fatswhile she would take care of the carbohydrates in the gym. This meant that the chef had to prepare nutritious food avoiding Red meat.

Of course, this did not indicate that the princess abstain eating some of his favorite foods, but he did it with watch out, considering that your diet it was strict.

That is why, at the parties to which it was invited, he always managed to stay with the lighter foods.

But during meals that organized, he prepared himself saucer for all, with the difference that his plate contained a version of those foods without fat, while those of his guests were prepared according to what is stipulated in the recipe.

In this way, the guests did not find out that there was two versions from the same plate. Thus, he managed to consume food low calorie so as not to overindulge, especially when it came to dishes rich in fat.

Exercise routine

In addition to the diet he was eating, exercise it was important to her. So he could keep fit and Burn calories.

In this way, thanks to a healthy feeding, a good exercise routine and help specialized, Princess Diana was able to organize and attend lavish dinners without losing her figure.

His favorite exercise routine, and one that still exists today, was to run. She went running every mornings through Kensington Gardens.

This routine is combined with exercises he did at home, such as sit-ups and others that involved performing strength.

to run
Running was one of Princess Diana’s favorite exercises. Source: Shutterstock

Why are they still valid?

We all know that running strengthens cardiovascular capacity, avoiding problems and heart disease, in addition to burning calories. Doing strength exercises contributes to generating muscle mass, maintain it and also lose weight.

On the other hand, nutritionists always recommend eating with moderation and search healthy alternatives, and that’s what Lady Di did.

Currently, specialists recommend to combine aerobic and anaerobic exercise routines to work the different parts of the body.

Another thing the princess did when she had eating problems was seek specialized help.

Therefore, before starting a weight loss diet or keep it, you have to look for the opinion specialized. The help of a nutritionist it is vital for design the menus and knowing, according to each person’s condition, what foods can be eaten and which ones should be restricted.

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What is the macrobiotic diet for? | The State

As Cuídate Plus points out, the macrobiotic diet is a diet that is committed to allow and facilitate a balanced diet based on the principles of Ying and Yang, giving this diet a very spiritual character.

As the following sections will indicate, the macrobiotic diet is a restrictive regimen that, however, yes it is capable of generating authentic benefits to the consumer and significantly improve their quality of life.

What foods make up the macrobiotic diet?

The main characteristic of this diet is the restriction of food into two groups. The classification departs from the nomenclature generally used in the dietary field as we have the Ying group and Yang group.

In the ying food group we have tubers, some types of fruits, certain foods of animal origin and their derivatives, processed products, spices, condiments and preservatives.

For its part, in the Yang group we only find whole grains, legumes, seaweed, fish and shellfish.

What is the macrobiotic diet for?

According to the Eastern precepts, the macrobiotic diet is a regimen that seeks balance body, mind and soul, having a deeply spiritual nature that is advanced with the nomenclature mentioned above.

It is not a recommended diet for weight lossAlthough it is possible to lose a few extra kilos with it, this is due to the food restriction that characterizes it. However, such loss may not be up to the user’s expectations.

The consumption of shellfish is part of this diet. Source: Unsplash

Benefits of the macrobiotic diet

This diet significantly reduces the processed and ultra-processed foods, which affects a decrease in harmful substances such as refined flours, added sugars, trans fats, palm oil, and sodium.

Since the macrobiotic diet is essentially a seasonal diet with respect to the consumption of fruits and vegetables, its follow-up implies a responsible attitude towards the environment, which is also visible in the reduction of costs.

Disadvantages of the macrobiotic diet

One of the main disadvantages of the macrobiotic diet is the anxiety that it generates in the person as a result of the foods that it prohibits to consume. There is also true Social isolation associated, since some people stop attending some places because of the food they eat.

On the other hand, the macrobiotic diet neglects the nutritional needs of the person in favor of their spiritual needsTherefore, it is a deficit regime that should not be maintained for a long period of time.

However, if it is planned by a professional, the macrobiotic diet can be much less harmful to the person compared to planning it on their own.

Roughly, the macrobiotic diet is not a regime that you should pursue if you have the goal of losing weight and losing weightThere are other diets that can help you much better in this regard than macrobiotics.

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How To Lose Weight Through The Scarsdale Diet | The State

The Scarsdale diet is a diet that offers the possibility of lose weight within two weeks. According to Vitónica, this regimen is particularly strict, establishing a fairly hermetic group of foods to be consumed for each day.

The premise of this diet is that we can absorb all the nutrients we need if we consume some specific foods and we ignore the others for 2 weeks. Other details of this diet will be offered below.

What is the Scardale diet?

The Scarsdale is a dissociated diet whose main proposal is to eat specific foods for a period of 2 weeks. Depending on the diet, just these foods would be enough to keep us properly nourished.

This diet offers a caloric intake of 1000 calories per day from foods such as very lean fruits, vegetables, meats, and cheeses. The regime is very emphatic about our inability to eat foods other than what it points out.

On this diet oils cannot be used to dress salads, and in no case are we allowed to eat rice.

It should be noted that the Scarsdale diet is very restrictive and this can have bad consequences. Source: Pexels

Is the Scarsdale diet recommended?

In basic terms, the Scarsdale diet is another eating regimen that prioritize high protein intake over low carbohydrate intake, and that also includes an important restriction in the absorption of fats and foods that can be consumed.

Like others of its kind, the Scarsdale diet is frowned upon by the scientific community from studies that put it in a very bad position.

For example, it has been found that this diet increases by 14% the chances of dying from cardiovascular causes. Other research revealed that this diet is unbalanced when comparing the cost to its safety and efficacy.

On the other hand, the Scarsdale diet can promote a rebound effect situation once we are done with it. It is worth remembering that the rebound effect consists in the restoration of the kilograms lost during the diet, sometimes with more kilograms than we had in the beginning.

The rebound effect is due, among other things, to the fact that we cannot maintain a dietary rhythm to sustain the weight loss to which we have forced ourselves, which happens when we return to our normal eating pattern prior to the diet.

The Scardale diet is not a reliable dietary alternative for weight lossIt is a very restrictive diet that does not guarantee an adequate supply of nutrients for optimal health, so it is preferable to opt for more conventional diets.

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Know the diets that will be a trend in 2021 | The State

The year 2020 is coming to an end and, as Healthline points out, it has been a year of many changes for us in several respects. These changes will be further reflected in the trends that may mark 2021, which is very close to starting.

It is expected that the ambit nutritional experience several changes in the course of the year to come and that account for the transformations in the relationship between us and what surrounds us.


Diets are likely to shift towards foods that build more sustainable food practices and with a deep environmental feeling, this as a result of the rise of a local approach.

Localism could be defined as a tendency to favor the food industry of the closest sector or sectors to the detriment of the most distant sites, which is a direct consequence of confinement due to the health contingency.

This renewed concern for our “neighborhood” could break the polarization between those accustomed to eating meat versus people who have adopted vegetarianism.

This would occur because the practitioners of climatarianism prioritize foods with less climate impact on meat alternatives and also those promoted by vegetarians.

In this sense, consumers could opt for the development of their own food instead of consuming what is offered by large industries under the assumption that what they do is more harmful to the planet.

Many people are choosing to grow their own food. Source: Shutterstock


Flexitarianism is the eating trend that involves a significant reduction of animal foods from the diet without eliminating them completely. This would put the consumer in the middle between vegetarians and those who eat a lot of meat.

Flexitarianism is a trend strongly promoted by the millennial generation. According to data from Statista, 60% of the people of this generation have shown interest in a diet of this type, being the highest percentage among all existing groups.

Flexitarians can also change their diet with each week; they can have a 7-day period on a vegetarian diet, and the following week adopt a more conventional diet.

This “nutritional flexibility” that characterizes them would allow them test the benefits of both vegetarians and people on a meat-based diet, which would contribute greatly to an optimal state of health. This diet can also be an option for people looking to lose weight while staying in good condition.

This is just a taste of all that 2021 can offer us in terms of diets and feeding. Time will pass and it will tell us that everything raised here has been fulfilled and to what extent we have been negatively or positively affected by it.

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The 7 Best Weight Loss Tips of 2020, According to Experts | The State

This 2020 has brought us too many changes and uncertainty and without a doubt one of the aspects that has had the most impact on people’s lives is health. The truth is confinement brought a lot of movement in our Everyday habits and getting used to preparing meals at home was one of the more latent changes.

While it was a particularly difficult challenge one of the most worrying issues for most people was the weight gain. In fact it has various references of recognized specialists in which it is verified that in the wake of the pandemic, the need for eat comfort foods increased considerably, which is a consequence quite normal stress.

The truth is that this year was a clear invitation to reevaluate our lifestyle and in fact for many it was incredibly positive since awareness increased, From a healthy environment which is based primarily on balance; In other words, everything influences from diet to mental health.

Also this year put many nutrition specialists to Work more from account. That is why we took on the task of compiling some of the best tips to lose weight in 2020, which were undoubtedly key to helping their clients overcome this unprecedented year.

1. Choose to follow a plant-based diet

Without a doubt, this 2020 came to light all kinds of diets, among the main and most popular are diets ketogenic, low carb and intermittent fasting, but there was also a strong trend toward plant-based nutrition. In fact, it is a lifestyle that more followers join every day, not only for its weight loss benefits; is a way of living that promotes awareness for the environment. There are also various scientific references that support its great properties for combat the onset of chronic diseases, as is the case with diabetes, obesity, heart conditions, digestive problems and certain types of cancer.

Salad./Source: Shutterstock

2. Always have fresh fruits and vegetables on hand

Eat healthy it is not a impossible task, in fact various specialists recommend supplying the kitchen with abundant fruits and vegetables seasonal. A good tip is to place them in cute bowls In this way it will be easier to optimize your consumption. In the case of the variants that are refrigerated, try place them in jars and ready to eat, forgetting them in the vegetable drawer only makes them spoil. Are simple tips that make a difference and are of great help to have available at all times low-calorie, nutrient-dense foods when you are hungry or any craving.

Taste of semen
Vegetables. / Photo: Shutterstock

3. Drink a lot more water

As repetitive as it sounds, drink enough water is one of the most important habits in weight loss and Good health. According to information revealed by Mayo Clinic, an average adult man should drink around 15.5 cups of water a day, and the average woman should drink 11.5 cups. Also exist special cases in which it is necessary to increase consumption, for example: in pregnancy and lactation, and also when doing a lot of sport. A good advice to increase your daily water consumption is to start by have a glass just when you wake up and another before going to bed. Also a wonderful idea is to prepare a pitcher of water with some slices of citrus and mint, their aromas and delicate touch of flavor without sugar, they will do a lot easier to drink water throughout the day.

Drinking water
Drink water./Source: Pexels

4. Cook more at home

Forget the idea that cooking is just for professional chefs, preparing your meals at home can be a relaxing activity and incredibly therapeutic. It is a habit that is associated with a long list of benefits: You will save money, you will take care of the quality of the ingredients you use, you will improve your health, you will lose weight and without a doubt you will become more creative. Remember that the habit of eating constantly in restaurants, is associated with a considerable increase in chronic diseases and overweight. Restaurant meals tend to be higher in sodium, saturated fat, sugar and calories in general. Also give yourself the opportunity to learn new cooking techniques: baked, grilled, grilled, for example: go ahead and try new things when baking your own bread and cookies.


Cook. / Photo: Shutterstock

5. Shop smarter

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is to supply ourselves with food more seriously and without a doubt it is a great custom, as long as you choose healthy and whole ingredients. In such a way that you do not hesitate to buy in the wholesale stores, a good bag of almonds, pistachios, walnuts, oats, yogurt and vegetable milks. A great recommendation is to have on hand frozen vegetables and fruits, will fill with nutrition and colors your meals and they will always be available. They also shine for their content in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber.

Purchase. / Photo: Getty images

6. Focus on personal wellness

He personal care has never been more important than today, although it is a somewhat complex concept and it may look different for each person. It is important that we set ourselves the task of identifying how take care and respect us, find those tools that give us peace and stability, mark a noticeable difference in physical and mental health. So listening to the body is a great measure to lose weight and gain health, some good recommendations are to practice yoga and meditation.

girl doing yoga
Yoga. / Photo: Shutterstock

7. Create a meal plan

Life changes when we learn to plan meals for the day or better yet the weekto. Now that we spend more time at home is the perfect pretext to have some extra minutes Sunday and prepare some healthy dishess for the course of the week. Fill the refrigerator with roasted vegetables, sweet potatoes, cooked potatoes, quinoa, chopped vegetables, hummus, soups, and creams. This habit not only will it change your days of the week and it will make them more proficient, is one of the best measures to really lose weight and take care of your health.

Diet. / Photo: Shutterstock