“No more mom”: The pain of a girl who was forced by her parents to get a tattoo | The State

Great indignation caused on Facebook by a video taken inside a tattoo studio in Pereira, Colombia, where a girl can be seen crying and begging her mother to leave her, after apparently her parents forced her to become one.

In the video you can see the girl, desperate, crying from the pain, while the tattoo artist works on one of her legs.

“No more mom”, You can hear the girl say that to her mother, who only asks her to hold out a little longer while the tattoo artist is undeterred by the situation.

“If you move, it will hurt more” the mother is heard saying. The video, which lasts 10 minutes, was considered by many to be impossible to see, due to the agony of the girl when she felt the needle inserted into her leg.


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