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Young Hispanic woman vandalized St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York | The State

Chriselle Vega was arrested on suspicion of graffiti scratching the exterior of NYC’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral during a New Year’s Eve protest.

Vega, 20, a resident of The Bronx, was arrested Tuesday night for damaging the facade of the iconic church by writing the letters “ACAB”, which mean in English “All policemen are bastards”, just hours after the new year, authorities said.

Police identified her through surveillance records from the famous neo-gothic catholic cathedral which was built in 1879 on 5th Avenue, a few steps from Rockefeller Center, in the so-called “Christmas heart” of the city.

Video reviewed by investigators showed Vega wearing a pink cape while spraying the letters in the church.

Approximately 150 protesters gathered outside the Midtown Cathedral in the early hours of January 1. At one point during the protest, Vega even faced the police on the spot, but officers had no idea at the time of his previous vandalism, sources said.

Police finally recognized her during a protest in Washington Square Park around 10:50 p.m. on Tuesday. Vega admitted his act of vandalism in the cathedral, highlighted New York Post.


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