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Gladiators star now a qualified therapist and shares tips for coping in lockdown

Actress Diane Youdale has taken on a new career venture as she’s now a therapist.

The Gladiators star – who played Jet in the hit series – has shared her top tips for getting through lockdown.

As the UK has been plunged into a third lockdown in the space of one year, Diane decided to impart wisdom to her fans on social media.

Sharing three snaps of herself at the beach, Diane penned: “I’m often asked as a Therapist for tips during lockdown… ROUTINE which is obvious, so lets dissect!”

“R – Routine Nothing is set in stone but experiment and amend to fit. Once you’ve found it, stick to it. It’s not forever,” she wrote.

Diane Youdale - who played Jet on Gladiators - pictured on Good Morning Britain in 2019
Diane has given her expert advice on coping through lockdown

Diane went on to discuss the importance of getting out and about for some fresh air instead of being holed up at home all day.

“O – Out Get out! Yes, it’s now limited, but do it,” she told fans. “Fresh air is free (here you see me doing happy handstands on a beach near where I’m staying) Activity in fresh air is essential. If mobility is an issue there are plenty of alternatives to safely keep your motility functional.

“I teach specialist spine health Pilates very good for beginners. There’s plenty of top end fitness on line but some of us need a different approach, see link below.

“It’s core of your wellbeing and helps lift mood on every level. No amount of research can prove what we already know deep down. You were born in body… MOVE IT!”

Gladiators star Diane Youdale has become a therapist
The actress has shared her top health tips after becoming a therapist

The actress added that supporting others is important, as well as keeping your own mental health afloat.

“U – Utilise Others for support and accountability. Remember if you’re struggling reaching out for a lift and support can be a two-way process.

“You may never know how much you can be helping yourself by helping others too… I coach dance teachers and other fitness professionals on line to keep them stimulated and motivated, to motivate you! It’s a big network of exchange.

“What if you love drawing and creative things? buddy up with someone and crack on…” she wrote.

Diane Youdale as Jet in the hit TV series Gladiators
Diane Youdale starred as Jet in the hit TV series Gladiators

“T – Time It’s so precious and don’t forget the bigger picture ‘everything changes, nothing stays the same’ Time passes and winter will be Spring in a number of weeks as will a change in how this all will shift for a life you’ll be so excited and prepared for.

“After all you’ve the time to do the prep… now.”

She went on: “I – Insight Oh what insights you can gain from this position of ‘stillness’? Reflect, learn, resolve, heal, edit, laugh!!!!

“N – Normalise these times, you’ve evolved to be adaptable. You’re your own boss so make friends with all the good that these still times can bring.”

The show - which was huge in the 90s - saw Diane cartwheeling on to our TV screens as one of the almost indestructible Gladiators
The show – which was huge in the 90s – saw Diane cartwheeling on to our TV screens as one of the almost indestructible Gladiators

“E – Eat No encouragement needed but what an opportunity to look at the quality & quantity of what you’re ‘putting in’ and why. You need nutrition to rebuild cells, organs, miraculous systems,” she added.

As a 22-year-old, Diane was the object of desire for teenage boys everywhere during her time on Gladiators.

The show – which was huge in the 90s – saw Diane cartwheeling on to our TV screens as one of the almost indestructible Gladiators.

With around 14 million viewers every week, being a Gladiator almost guaranteed household name status.

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