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Carolina Sandoval talks about the "Lambones", is she referring to her former colleagues from Suelta la Sopa? | The State

The journalist who spent some time in front of the cameras of “Tell me what you know”, Carolina sandoval, who was fired for another for having been absent from the program and having subsequently done a “Live” in which he explained the reason for said absence, gave an interview to the also show business program “Live Gossip”.

In it he spoke of his book “Tell me what you post and I will tell you who you are”She clarified that the publication was reissued and that now everything is written in the past tense because for her “That already happened.”

He also said that he took his former colleagues out of Telemundo of the cover and of his life. “This Carolina is totally different and I thank God that he allowed me to see where I was and where I am. Even if I stand on the corner of a bakery with my phone, I’ll be better than all those lame men who have to do everything they want them to do in order to pay the rent ”.

Javier Ceriani He could not stand it and asked if he was referring to his former colleagues from the show to which she answered ironically: “No, I don’t know if they are because I don’t know who they are.”

There’s no doubt “The Poisonous” She still does not mince words when it comes to giving her point of view and, while many strongly criticize her for the same, a good batch supports her and follows her in her day-to-day life on social networks, which have been growing accelerated since his departure from Tell me what you know.

Here we leave the complete interview for you to draw your own conclusions.

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