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They say that the buttocks of Vicente Fernández Jr.'s girlfriend look like floats when wearing explosive leggings | The State

The girlfriend of Vicente Fernandez Jr. It gives more and more to talk about on social networks not only because of the love they profess, which has always been labeled of interest by the Mexican, but also because of her exuberant body.

Mariana González Padilla He has admitted on several occasions that he has undergone some cosmetic surgeries to show off his voluptuous figure. On this occasion, she was seen in a photo kissing her love and wearing super tight leggings that highlighted her prominent rear.

“Thank God, he already has 3 LIFEGUARDS. HER BUTTOCKS AND CHENTITO “,” This girl does not drown from the boat with those floats she has “and” She has two balloons “, were part of the harsh criticism that the model and businesswoman received.

However, Mariana and Vincent They ignore all kinds of criticism and go through life proving that there is no partner at this time happier than them. Here we leave the photo for you to draw your own conclusions.

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