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Laughing bear! Timo Werner almost injured with corner pennant alone | The State

Manchester City humiliated Chelsea by thrashing them 3-1 to leave with the three points of Stamford Bridge, but the humiliation was even their own when the forward Timo Werner almost injured himself with only corner pennant.

Timo Werner was in charge of taking a corner kick, just when the London team was looking for at least the discount in a complicated clash with the ‘Citizens’ who had no problem dominating the entire game, but made a tremendous bear.

When he took the corner he ended up hitting the corner kick flagpole and taking a weak shot that hit the feet of one of his closest teammates, such action resulted something that was already classified on social networks as an embarrassing or pathetic bear.

A single victory in six games has taken Chelsea to eighth place, out of any European competition; while City is already in the fight. With one game less, four points separate him from the leader, Liverpool.


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