Expat in Dubai strangles roommate to death, claims he was exorcising an evil spirit

An aerial view of Al Barsha. For illustrative purposes only.
Image Credit: GN Archives

Dubai: A Dubai-based expat, who assaulted and strangled his roommate to death, claimed that he was trying to exorcise an evil spirit.

According to Colonel Maki Salman Ahmad, Director of Crime Scene Section at the Forensic Science and Criminology in Dubai Police, the incident occurred in Al Barsha  where officers found the body of a woman in her 20s in the bathroom of an apartment.

The victim’s friend, who was staying with her for three years, called Dubai Police claiming his friend was lying down motionless in the bathroom.

“There was blood spots in the apartment and signs of violence on her body. The victim’s friend claimed that she was possessed with an evil spirit and that he tried to exorcise the spirit by beating her up and strangling her during a fit,” Col Ahmad said.

Dubai Police investigations showed that the suspect had a financial dispute with the victim and that he beat her to death under the influence of drugs.

“He admitted to his crime and said he had fabricated the story of the evil spirit to escape punishment.”

The suspect has been referred to Dubai Public Prosecution.

Col Ahmad pointed out that Crime Scene Section have foiled many attempts by criminals to fabricate unreal stories to dodge punishment.

“Some suspects believe they are smarter than the police and come up with such stories to avoid punishment. But Dubai Police officers are experienced and evidence found on crime scenes help solve mysteries behind crimes,” he added.

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