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Mike Johnson Reveals Whether He’d Still Want To Be The Bachelor After Losing Out To Peter Weber For Season 24


Ahead of his big book release, Mike Johnson spoke on the HL Podcast and revealed if he’d ever want to be the Bachelor after losing out on the role.

Mike Johnson is preparing to release his book, Making The Love You Want on October 1, and he’s certainly offering advice from a place of knowledge! The Bachelor Nation fan-favorite contestant vied for the heart of Hannah Brown and then again tried to find love on Bachelor in Paradise. After he didn’t find ‘the one,’ fans were convinced Mike was the perfect choice for the titular role as Bachelor, but producers went in another direction, choosing pilot Peter Weber.

Still, after the “rejection,” Mike admitted to HollywoodLife in a podcast interview that he “wouldn’t say no” if he were asked to be the Bachelor down the road. “I would potentially be the bachelor if they asked me to be, but I would not go back on The Bachelorette and I would not do Paradise again,” he said. The new author added that if he were to be the bachelor, he is absolutely confident he would find love on the show. “I trust the producers… there’s 25 to 30 women there, I would find my lady,” Mike promised. LISTEN TO THE FULL PODCAST INTERVIEW HERE!

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He added that due to his veteran status, he is great at “mitigating stress” which is something the lead of the show needs to do often. “I think you have to have a strong mindset and be in mitigate stress really easily, I’m pretty great at it,” Mike gushed. In his new self-help book, Mike noted that his time on The Bachelorette helped bring out his vulnerable side.

“While on this show, you try to establish a relationship with someone in a condensed period of time, and so one of the ways to do that is to be vulnerable and to stand up in your truth,” he explained. “So for me, when I was with actually Hannah, and when I was on paradise with one of the ladies, I stood up in my truth, and I wasn’t afraid to speak on it because it’s a part of who I am. If you can’t accept who I am that you don’t need to be with me.” We love that confidence!

mike johnson
Mike Johnson as a contestant on Hannah Brown’s season of ‘The Bachelorette.’ (ABC)

Mike revealed that producers were not in touch with him ahead of the upcoming Bachelor season, which will star Matt James as the lead. “That’s their loss, not mine,” he put it plainly.

Mike’s book Making The Love You Want hits stores October 1!


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